Many students especially first year students stay on residence. It’s an awesome experience for the first-year students as they can easily socialize and get to know people much faster as the rooms are nearby and will see people whenever we walk around the floor which is an easy way to make new friends and also it ensures an amazing time on campus.

1. Convenience

Staying on campus is an awesome thing especially if you aren’t an early bird. We can reach to the respective class on time even if we wake up late we will still make it on time for the lectures. Above all staying on campus is the best thing as the accessibility to things like lab is easy.


2. Cafeteria

Another thing is food which is also very close by as the caf is in center of all the residence building at Carleton so access to it is easy. The only downside of the caf is that it closes early and the students who study till late night are at a disadvantage since they won’t be able to eat if they’re hungry or need a late night snack from the caf.


3. Late Night Snacks

Students in residence who does overnight studies can still have access to food up to 2 AM as Abstentions, the grocery store at residence commons, and Oasis which provides small snacks for a reasonable price so you won’t have to study in empty stomach.


4. Security

The security provided by Carleton for the people in residence is truly remarkable. The officers are very friendly and are well trained to handle any situations. So, students will be safe and do their things without worrying much since they patrol the area often ensuring everything is in the right place.


5. On Campus Activities

There are lots of activities on campus which can be easily participated by the students with ease as the activities generally are after 6 pm so students that don’t live on residences tend not to participate as its a time consuming for them. This way we can take a break from our studies.


To sum up with, residence life is a unique experience which remains in our memories and a great way to live a university life. Above all  maintaining a balance between social life and studies can be easily maintained which is essential for everyone.


Asifur Rahman

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