1. The Tunnels

Perhaps the best part about , the tunnels are a great way to avoid any kind of weather that is less than pleasant. Doing your hair in the morning means that it will actually stay in place, thanks to the tunnels. Only downside: You can lose cell service in there sometimes, but the pros outweigh the cons.

2. The Hills

Carleton being built on a hill is not for the weak. Outside and in the tunnels, there are hills, there are stairs – and luckily, there are shortcuts and ways to avoid both of those. But who needs leg day when there are the hills?

3. The Engineer Cult

Every university that has engineering will say that their engineers are like a “cult.” Well, at Carleton, this is the truth. Carleton’s a strong engineering school, and you can spot them from a mile away, wearing their sweaters or jackets. The public affairs students are another story, though.

4. OC Transpo

A blessing and a curse in Ottawa. Sure, it’s your main mode of transportation around Ottawa, but, let’s be real, it is unreliable. Does the 111 ever come? Is the O-Train ever on time? Why do two of the same bus routes come at the same time? We will never know.

5. The Typical Canadian Winter

Basically any student in Canada knows this. You walk out of your lecture hall and into the quad, and you feel like your nose is going to fall off. Your eyes start watering, your hair freezes, and you think to yourself “Why didn’t I go down south? Or at least Vancouver?” Then you realize that Carleton is a great school, and at least there are the tunnels to soften the freezing cold weather.

6. Elections

One of the advantages – and disadvantages – of being at a school in the nations capital is that there will be many elections, and many students involved with politics and public affairs. It will seem that for almost the whole year that there are elections with the student government.

7. Tim Hortons

With such a large abundance of Tim Horton’s on campus, you’d think there would be smaller line ups. But no, not at all. Have to go to class in a couple minutes? Need a coffee? Well, either you get your coffee and be late to class, or fall asleep halfway through. I’ve seen an empty Tim Hortons line twice in 8 months. It’s a miracle.

8. The Panda Game

With the Panda Game being recently revived as of a couple years ago, it is one of the most anticipated events of the year. It’s exciting, grand, and overall, an amazing time. What better opportunity to dress up in Carleton apparel, drink overpriced beer, and watch football?

9. Québec

More specifically, Hull. Everyone who went through first year being 18 knows about Hull, or knows it all too well. Each group of friends probably had their own special bar, and tried to get on the guestlist to get into the two clubs for free. Once we turn 19, we never go back. Ever.

10. The rivalry with UOttawa

The classic cross-city rivalry, Carleton and uOttawa hate each other and have no idea why. There are various chants that are screamed at the Panda Game and at Capital Hoops. Any alumni that bring their kids to the Panda Game or Capital Hoops, I pity; those kids should cover their ears.


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