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Top 10 Hardest Courses at Carthage College

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Nazia Jabeen

Carthage College deals primarily in offering of art courses that require students to enhance their creativity skills and analysis capabilities. In this respect, the courses the college offers are very hard and demanding due to the amount of work required.

1. ARH 3155 Women in the Visual and Performing Arts

A girl painting

Being a woman-oriented course, it deals with the evolution of women's participation in the visual arts from all perspectives. Thus, the students need to use feminist approaches that bring forth the view of women participation. The analysis of these theories and their applications to and forth in time make the course hard to tackle.

2. ARH 2701 Art Survey II: 1400 - 21st Century

people looking at pictures in art gallery

The course is very lengthy as sudents need to study the development of art from the past 6 centuries. Also, the course discusses all the important movements that took place over time in the fields of art. Thus, remembering the nature of each event, timeline and movements is something that is not easy to grasp.

3. Bio 2300 Cell Biology

human cell

Studying the components of cells and remembering each of their functions is not easy. This course deals with both theory and practical work. The students need to learn each and every detail about the microscopic cell and its complex sub-organelles. Also, the topic regarding DNA and cell division is very hard and require focus and attention.

4. BIO 2010 Human Anatomy

Cavities Of The Human Body

This course is not piece of cake. Instead, its content is very broad and discusses in detail each every function of systems on our body. Moreover, what makes the course hard is drawing connection between each systems. In fact the purpose of the course is to make students realize how to analyze the body as an integrated whole.

5. CLS 2300 Greek and Roman Art and Architecture

Colosseum building, Roman architecture

Tracing from the time of Greek Geometric era to the era of Constantine, this course explores major artistic evolutions. This period is quite vast and the survey of art and architecture in Greek and Roman time is hard and demanding. The course requires a lot of analysis and reading stamina from different books.

6. CLS 1050 Ancient Rome I: The Rise of Rome

 Roman sculptures

This course focuses on three major events that took place in Rome. They include the Trojan War, formation of Roman republic and the events leading the death of Julius Caesar. These events need a lot of studying and understanding because the students have to do a lot of analysis. With such lengthy content and demanding workload, the course becomes hard.

7. CRJ 2260 Criminology

Criminology and related concepts

This course discusses the issues relating to crime and deviance and the scope of the law enforcement bodies. Students need to assess how far society and its people show adherence to the laws. Also, what authorities are doing for their regulations is a core concept of the course.

8. CRJ 3020 American Courts

People hearing case inside court

This course discusses the nature and the role of American courts and their contribution in curtailing violence. This course requires the students to get practical experience by witnessing the core proceedings and trials. These visits are not for fun but are necessary so that students can write and analyze case studies. The course is hard as a lot of work requires critical thinking.

9. ENV 4900 Environment research Science

Picture of Estonian forest

This course requires a lot of research work and as result, a lot of focus on the surroundings. Students need to rely more on their observation skills in order to come up with an appreciative thesis and research. This makes the course hard.

10. ENV Introduction to environment studies

A hand holding a plant

This introductory course will place many students off-guard as the contents are very hard and analytical. By surveying the environment with respect to the role of nature and man, they need to arrive at conclusions. Also, the major topic of environmental friendly resources is hard and demanding.

As a result, the courses at this college are nowhere easy to deal with. Instead they require a lot of attention and focus from the students’ part to pass them. Make sure to be prepared before taking any of these classes and good luck!


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