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10 Buildings You Need to Know at Carthage College

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Lauraanna Quinting

Carthage College is a private liberal arts college affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and located in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The school has around 2,800 students. Here are 10 different buildings you need to visit at Carthage College.

1. Todd Wehr Center

front view of the todd wehr center

The Todd Wehr Center is used as a hub for many different purposes. It has the student success center and the dean of students office. The center features dining areas for students to come and eat food. You can even have access to the mailroom making it easy to get care packages from guardians.

2. N. E. Tarble Athletic and Recreation Center

front view of rec center

The recreation center is the place to be for all things fitness. The center holds an impressive 16 lane swimming pool. There are plenty of spaces to play basketball and volleyball. The center even features a rock climbing wall for students to get a good all-over workout.

3. Art Keller Field

front gate of field

Art Keller Field is a field for students to go to for fun and exciting football games. You can bring your friends and family to enjoy some school spirited events as well as entertainment during half time. The field has plenty of seating.

4. Hedberg Library

front view of hedberg library with trees

Hedberg library is your source for all things resources when it comes to your projects and homework. There are more than 640,000 different digital, print, and multimedia sources. The building has tutoring and writing centers for students seeking additional help.

5. A. F. Siebert Chapel

students around a circle playing uno

The chapel is used by students for holding religious meetings as well as used for worship. The chapel boasts around Christmas time thousands of people to come together and celebrate the holiday. The chapel is a great place to get some much needed quiet meditative time.

6. Tarble Arena

cheerleaders in a row on a basketball court

The Tarble Arena is an athletic facility that is used for competitive women and men's volleyball and basketball. The Arena has seating that holds over 2,000 people and is used sometimes for outside events such as concerts. The arena has indoor simulated golf which makes for a great practice area.

7. Augie Schmidt Field

bleacher seating outside at the field

This field holds the baseball field for fans to come to watch games. The field has over 500 seats on the bleachers. There are also concession areas and a picnic area making it easy for students to enjoy their game with food. The field is an affordable way for students to have entertainment while supporting their school.

8. Science Center

outdoor seating with chairs and tables

The science center is an interesting place to visit, it features outside classrooms which allows students to get hands-on experience with nature as well as fresh air. The science center has a planetarium which gives a great view of the stars. There is also a greenhouse for students to grow plants and learn about sustainable ways of living.

9. A. W. Clausen Center for World Business

outside view of business building with statues and trees

The business building holds the Accounting and Finance, Economics, Management and Marketing, Political Science, and Computer Science departments. The center holds a Starbucks which is popular for students to be caffeinated as well as a pick-me-up for easy snacking. The building has 10 classrooms and 5 seminar rooms for lectures and presentations.

10. H. F. Johnson Center for the Fine Arts

a teacher showing how to make pottery

The Fine arts building is used by students looking to go into majors for art and design or music. The art building has art studios for both 2D and 3D design. There are music rooms for students to practice as well as an impressive recital hall where there are concerts to showcase talent.

Carthage College is a smaller school that allows students to get access to smaller sized classes for an optimal teaching time with professors. The smaller size makes it easy to make close friendships and acquaintances. The college allows students to practice their faith while balancing college as well. The college has plenty of different buildings to suit all needs, from catching a game with friends to renting a collaborative space for a project.


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