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10 Coolest Courses at Case Western Reserve University

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Ally Zukowski

At Case Western Reserve University, students have the opportunity to select classes that suit them for their interests. Many classes provide fun yet challenging ideas that students can master for their future careers. Topics in these classes fit the interests in each students when they are creating their schedule for the semester. Here are 10 courses that students can enroll that will spark their interest in learning.

1. ANAT 375 - Human Evolution: The Fossil Evidence

The stages of evolution left to right from monkey to man

This course is 3 units. It studies surveys of the biological and behavioral changes that occurred in the hominid lineage during the past five million years. Topics include an in depth review of the fossil evidence for human evolution. Many students will develop the framework in evolutionary biology that will help them in other biology courses. 

2. CHIN 101 - Elementary Chinese

The country of China painted in their flag colors

This course is 4 units. It introduces students in speaking, understanding, reading and writing Chinese. Topics include controlling the sound system and basic sentence patterns of standard Mandarin Chinese. There is a big emphasis on speaking and aural comprehension that students will learn and master in this unique language.

3. EDUC 304 - Educational Psychology

The brain working as a machine to create bubbles of human thoughts and activities

This course is 3 units. Student will apply the psychological principles as they relate to various educational learning theories. Topics include learning developmental differences between child, adolescent, and young adult growth. Students are expected to have clinical/field experiences. 

4. DANC 122 - Dance in Culture - Theatrical Forms

A group of people dancing in sync with colorful clothing

This course is 3 units. It introduces an historical and cultural overview of many different theatrical forms of dance from various cultures. There will be emphasis on geographic diversity and represent different periods in history. Topics include basic craft elements of the structures of theatrical dance and a foundation for viewing dance and developing a personal aesthetic.

5. FSNA 103 - Energy and Society

The planet Earth surrounded by different forms of energy humans use.

This course is 4 units. It provides an introduction to collegiate writing and to various dimensions of academic life. Emphasis on the critical appreciation of the world of energy will be discussed. The course will involve both literacy and numeracy, and students will learn to become comfortable handling some of the quantitative measures of energy use.

6. NTRN 300 - Healthy Lifestyles as Preventive Medicine

A blue picnic table with various colorful vegetables placed on top

This course is 3 units. It focuses on learning the key components of healthy lifestyle principles and developing the skills necessary to practice and advocate a healthy lifestyle. Students will learn how to practice and promote healthy lifestyles. A unique feature of this course is the opportunity for enrolled students to pair with advanced nutrition students throughout the semester for healthy eating' guidance.

7. MKMR 304 - Brand Management

A man with multiple arms trying to balance business objectives represented by icons like a lightbulb, money sign, laptop, graphs.

This is a 3 unit course. This course is designed to help students understand the principles of product and brand development and management. Topics include understanding evolving customer needs; creating and delivering the right products, services, and experiences; and managing the process to enhance brand equity and customer satisfaction. There will be emphasis on global brands, brand extensions, brand revitalization, and social responsibility.

8. HBRW 201 - Intermediate Modern Hebrew I

A piece of paper with Hebrew writing from black ink on it

The course is 4 units. The class's objective is to advance the students' Hebrew communicative skills by studying the language in its cultural context. There will be emphasis on speaking, reading, and writing, with an emphasis on the use of the language as reflected in Israeli culture. Student will appreciate more of the culture as they challenge themselves through these objectives.

9. HSTY 152 - Technology in America

A laptop with the keyboard deigned as the American Flag

This course is 3 units. It focuses on the origins and significance of technological developments in American history. Topics include a range from the first settlements to the present. There will be emphasis on the social, cultural, political, and economic significance of technology in American history. 

10. CLSC 204 - Heroes and Hustlers in Roman Literature

Painting of heroes defending their society during Roman wartime

This course is 3 units. It constitutes the second half of a sequence on Classical literature. Topics include heroism vs. self-promotion, love vs. lust, and the struggle between democracy and tyranny. These topics are traced in a variety of literary genres from the period of the Roman republic well into the empire. There will be emphasis on parallels with modern life and politics will be drawn.


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