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10 Coolest Courses at Cedarville University

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Ebigide Jude

The nature of the courses will choose while in school and our performance those courses will go a long way to determine the grade we’ll graduate with. Cedarville University which is a private Baptist University offer amazing courses. Here are the top 10 cool courses you can get at Cedarville University.

1. ART1100 - Introduction to Art

Picture of a funny painting

Most students at Cedarville University always find introductory courses very easy to pass. This course provides an introduction to the most significant critical approaches employed in art history. It is designed to encourage students to consider new ways in which they might think about art, society and culture.

2. CHEM1000 - Principles of Chemistry

Funny chemistry picture of teacher and students

Students of Cedarville University offering this course learn the systematic introductory treatment of organometallic compounds, emphasizing fundamental concepts and the principal functional groups of organometallic chemistry.

3. FORS3400 – Forensic Science

'Not many clues, but we did find this fingerprint.'

They mainly use scientific means to analyze physical crime evidence. It is a very interesting course and student loves to take it. If you read your class notes adequately, then you have no reason to fail this course.

4. POLS3800 – Public Policy

A funny meme of Public Policy

Students are taught the means by which a government maintains order or addresses the needs of its citizens through actions defined by its constitution. This course is handled by leading scholars in public administration who high-quality teaching.

5. GSCI1020 - Principles of Physical Science

Funny carton image of physical science

Students that offer this course learn the fundamentals of physical science and how it relates to their environment. This is one of the coolest courses in Cedarville University so far because failures have been recorded yet. Students usually finds it very easy to pass.

6. GBIO2010 - Human Anatomy and Physiology I

A funny image of Human Anatomy and Physiology 1

This course introduces student to the concepts of anatomy and physiology. Students learn the function, features and the characteristics of various human parts. It is a very easy course for students.

7. MATH2210 – Logic and Methods of Proof

A funny representation of Logic

Some student tends to shy away from mathematical problems that involve proof because they felt it’s complicated. However, Math2210 at Cedarville University will teach students the rudiments of mathematics and how they can easily prove a mathematical problem.

8. BIO1110 – Introduction to Biology

This is a funny biology joke

This course introduces students to the principles of biology. Although, what they learn is just an advancement of what they obtained in high school. It is required that you attend all classes I order to pass this course.

9. GEOL3400 - Structural Geology

This is a funny image of structural geology

It deals with the study of the three dimensional distribution of large bodies of rock, their surfaces, and the composition of their inside in order to try and learn about their tectonic history, past geological environments and events that could have changed or deformed them.

10. ENVS3200 – Advanced Ecology

funny ecological version of yoga bed

Students are given deep insight and understanding of current themes and developments in ecological research and are able to discuss these insights in a broader context. They also acquire the expertise to upgrade their knowledge and skills in ecological research, and can design their own research.


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