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10 Hardest Courses at Cedarville University

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James Brandon

Cedarville University offers more than 1300 programs of study in the departments and the Schools of Engineering, Education, Business, Pharmacy, Nursing, and Biblical and Theological Studies. Below are some of the hardest courses offered at the institution.

1. CS 3410 - Algorithms


This course in computer science deals with complex algorithms that are used to solve computer science problems. Students find this course hard because of the complexity of the topics. Students will spend most of the time in this course learning and applying very technical concepts related to computer science.

2. EGCE 4220 - Hydrology


Students find this civil engineering course hard because of the length and the complexity of the topics. Students will have to spend long hours in class studying very complex concepts related to engineering hydrology.

3. EGCP 4410 - Parallel Computing

Parallel Computing

This course in computer engineering involves a lot of technical terminologies and concepts. Students will throughout the course learn difficult concepts related to parallel computers. Students with a background in other computer engineering courses are recommended for this course.

4. EGEE 4510 - Power Systems

Power Systems

Power systems is an advanced course in electrical engineering where students learn advanced topics related to power. Most students find this course hard because the topics are lengthy and very technical. Students have to put in a lot of study hours just to pass the exams in the course.

5. BIO-3200 - Advanced Ecology

A drawing of the earth surrounded by trees

This is an advanced course in biology that deals with the study of fundamental concepts of ecology. The course has a lot of readings and involves many very specific and difficult terminologies. Students who wish to specialize in the field of ecology are required to study this course.

6. CHEM 2220 - Analytical Chemistry II

A scientist in a lab

Chemistry is generally considered as one of the hardest fields of study in most institutions. Analytical chemistry is a very complex course that requires one to have a deeper level of understanding to pass the exams. The topics comprise of very technical concepts that are hard to grasp.

7. MATH 3740 - Complex Variables

Complex Variables Textbook cover

This course in mathematics focuses on advanced mathematical concepts and aims at solving mathematical problems using complex methods and formulas. Throughout the course, students will solve complex mathematical problems. Students in this course need to have a good mathematical background in order to succeed.

8. PHYS 4520 - Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics

Quantum mechanics is a hard course in physics that deals with very advanced concepts in physics. The topics discusses in the course are very technical and include a series of calculations. This course is recommended for students that wish to major in Physics.

9. ART 4170 - Advanced Printmaking

An artist drawing  a person's eyes

This is an advanced art course that deals with advanced concepts of printmaking. Students will spend long hours in studios implementing the concepts they learn in the course on actual prints. Students taking this course need to have studied other printmaking courses before.

10. ECON 3375 - Mathematical Economics

Mathematical Economics

Mathematical Economics presents the mathematics required for studying economics at the graduate level. Students will be introduced to complex mathematical concepts and formulas that relate and apply to economics. To excel in this course, students need to have a strong mathematical backround.


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