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Top 10 Hardest Courses in Centennial College

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Nazia Jabeen

University studies are undeniably hard. Students need to cope with the required cGPA and meet the tiring demands of different courses. When students take these hard courses, they find their hard work and intelligence tested at the extreme. Thus, to pass these courses and overcome the pressure from all sides they need to focus fully and remain steadfast in learning them. So, let us see some of the hardest courses at Centennial University:

1. AAM-700 Digital Communication

An image of social media communication drawn out on black chalkboard.

This course is one of the most important and hardest. It is because it introduces the concept of Digital Marketing that is increasingly spreading in today’s world. The main focus of the course is on interactive advertising. So, the students need to actively analyze the strategies of digital marketing and understand the challenging concepts. They include the influence of search engine optimization, social media, and smartphone-based marketing.

2. AAM-714 Advertising Issues and Innovations

Illustration of advertising methods

This course requires full focus and dedication as the students need to do analyses and evaluation. So, all the present issues that affect whoever sells, control, design and buy any advertising forms are put to analyzing.

3. ABIO-012 ACE Biology

A cartoon drawing of a person studying

This course is a means of preparing for future studies in post-secondary biology. Along with being one of the demanding course on the curriculum, it covers all the basics. All in all, this course mainly focuses on the study of the earth’s environment which is continuously changing. From this approach, students need to analyze how all organisms are affected.

4. ACHE-012 ACE Chemistry

A KeepCalm poster about taking a chemistry exam

This course is very hard because it teaches students about the basics of industrial and environmental chemistry. Also, the course focuses upon the developing skills to perform laboratory experiments, analyze problems and convey scientific theories well. This course enables students to complete two electives of study and three basic units.

5. ACHS-204 Construction Health and Safety

Construction workers at the site

This course introduces the extent to which construction sites observe health and safety issues. The course becomes hard when the learners need to analyze the laws related to safety measures at the construction place. They need to identify the common dangers the workers face and failing nature of protection and safe work measures at the working sites.

6. ACOM-012 ACE Communications-English

Cartoon image of two individuals communicating

This course, although difficult, is also very important due to its approach in being professional. The course requires student to work on their reading and writing skills. In this way, they can communicate effectively at an academic and professional forum. So, the approach the course takes is on grammar, structuring sentences, group communications, self-expression, and vocabulary improvement. Thus, the course paves the way for students' improvement in English language skills.

7. ADCS-701 Digital Design

Mobile phone designing

The main focus of this course is on consistently and well-thought-out digital creativity. The course enables the students to come out from their limited thinking and apply creative digital skills in the rapidly changing industry. At this point, the course becomes hard as the students need to create, design and convey their creative thinking into real-life industrial scenarios.

8. AENJ-711 Entertainment Design

Design of serpent woman and a warrior

For students who want to pursue a career in journalism, this course will help them work on graphics. They will learn how to design a page or a section by using Adobe Cloud. The course gives a hard and complex touch. After all, through this course, the students will realize the importance of graphical learning in middle-of-the-road publications.

9. AMAT-012 Core Mathematics

Functional Notation example

This course expects learners to harbor firm command of core math topics. They include measurement and geometry, algebra and numerical. The students need to do data analysis on statistics, probability, day-to-day financing, interests, and mathematical relationships.

10. AMET-216 UAV

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle flying over fields

In a lab environment, the students need to construct and design a UAV. However, the topics covered are very hard. They include flight control computer system, airframe, and sense and avoid system, the precision navigation system, high altitude sensor, environmental sensors, regulators and insurance.

It is no surprise that Centennial College in Toronto, Ontario offers some fantastic courses each year. And with these courses, they present the set of best graduates every year. However, they aren't easy. Courses mentioned above are hard to cope with. So, students need to invest high quality of time and hard work to pass them.


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