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10 Math Courses at Centennial College

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Lauraanna Quinting

Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology is a diploma- and degree-granting college located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. One of the most notable alumni of the college was Tobias C. Enverga Jr. who was a Canadian senator representing the province of Ontario. The school offers a wide variety of courses. This article will explore the 10 different math courses to choose from.

1. Math 175- Functions and Number Systems

Centennial College - Math Services

This is the first part of a one-year sequence infinite/discrete mathematics, taught in the Computer Systems & Networks program. This course teaches students the fundamental math skills required to solve related problems in computer systems. This course is meant for students who are computer science majors as well as those in engineering.

This course is taught by professor Kieh Wong. Students are expected to have 1-hour labs a week as well as two hours of lecture. This is a great course to take for those who are interested in math and its computer applications.

2. Math 119-Mathematics of Finance 2

Centennial College - Math Services

This is the second of a two-part course. Topics include trade and cash discount, retail pricing, simple interest, equations of value, and promissory notes. The course also covers compound interest topics, including present value and interest for fractional periods, interest rates, and much more.

The course is taught by professor Chris Brown. This is an ideal course to take if you are specifically majoring in business, especially those in finance. The homework focuses mainly on calculations with money and percentages.

3. Math 106-Mathematics of Finance

 students getting help in math

Students will learn about basic algebraic operations, fractions and decimals, linear equations, and formula rearrangement. Students will also learn about graphs, simultaneous equations, ratio, proportion and percent, discounts and retail pricing, and much more.

This is a great course for those in business/finance majors so they can apply the knowledge to their own career direction. The course is taught by professor Chris Brown. The prerequisite of the course is a score of 24 to 39 on the business mathematics assessment or permission of the department. 

4. Math 118-Mathematics of Finance 1

 students in math class at desk

This is the first of a two-part series. The various topics that are included in this course are fractions and decimals. Students will also learn about signed numbers, laws of exponents, basic algebra.

This course is held on Mondays and Wednesdays. If you are in need of a math course but are looking for one that will give you real-world experience in business and finance application then this is the course for you. The course is taught by professor Chris Brown.

5. Math 231- Integral Calculus

Logarithm  on a graph

Topics for this course include indefinite and definite integrals of algebraic functions. Students will learn about applications of integration to motion analysis. Students will also learn about area evaluation, volumes of revolution, inverse, exponential and logarithmic functions, and integration techniques.

This course is meant for those students who must take calculus courses for their major such as a computer science major, math major, or engineering major. This is a great course to take to learn about motion and its applications. The professor of the course is Elen Ace.

6. Math 231-Differential Calculus with Analytic Geometry

Curve sketching  on a graph

The topics for this course include straight line equations, conic sections, the limit concept, and average and instantaneous rates of change. Students will learn about the derivative as a limit and higher order derivatives, Students will also learn about differentials and approximate values, curve sketching and maximum-minimum problems.

The professor of the course is Elen Ace. This is a course students will need to take if they are in a math heavy major. If you are studying math, engineering or computer science it is likely you will need this course.

7. Math 170-Technology Mathematics 2

example of a inverse trig ratio

This course explores more advanced topics in algebra and trigonometry, including angle measure. Students will learn about inverse trigonometric functions, arc length, and area. Students will also learn about, the law of sines and cosines, as well as graphs of trigonometric functions.

The instructor of the course is Elen Ace. If you have any questions regarding the course you can contact This is a great course for those who are interested in learning more about trigonometry but in the applications of technology.

8. Math 140 -Technology Mathematics 1

Percentages  signs in different colors

This course is the study of basic algebra, graphing, and elementary trigonometry. Topics include the order of operations, fractions, and decimals. Students will learn about exponents, approximate numbers, percentages, formulas, systems of linear equations, graphs of algebraic functions, and elementary trigonometry.

The professor of the course is Pauline Lumsden. If you are in need of a refresher course on algebra this is a great course to take. This is a course meant for those students who don't have a lot of experience taking math courses.

9. Math 260- Mathematics for Data Management

Data Management  person with hand touching data

This course develops strategies for organizing and analyzing large sets of data. This course covers four major parts: Counting Techniques and Probability, Organization of Data for Analysis, Statistics, and Integration & Application of Data Management Techniques. This is a great course for a business major to take.

Through classroom instruction, assignments, and a culminating project, students will study the mathematics required for data management. The course is taught by professor Pauline Lumsden. This course teaches students how to properly analyze data and use it for making smart decisions.

10. Math 316-Statistics

 charts and a bar graph

The course covers descriptive statistics, probability, and inferential statistics. It addresses discrete and continuous types of distributions, including the normal distribution. This is an optimal course to take for business majors as it dives into data analysis.

Statistical software is used in the course to organize, summarize, analyze, and present conclusions about sets of data. This course is taught by professor Pauline Lumsden. The course has 2 hours a week that is dedicated to lecture as well as 2 hours of lab work.

Centennial College has a wide variety of math courses to choose from. There are more foundational courses such as calculus and statistics. The school also offers more tailored courses for students who are in specific majors looking to learn math to apply to their majors.


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