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10 Coolest Courses at Central Michigan University

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Killa Kurls

College is filled with excitement. Students are well on their way to really honing in on their studies throughout the school year. Students are also challenging themselves to the maximum. With this in mind, students also want some classes that are on the fun side of things. Below is a list of the top 10 coolest classes that you will find at Central Michigan University.

1. MUS 097 - Recital Attendance

Music notes that are on a staff in a colourful display

Are you interested in being more informed about the arts? This class will allow students to explore different parts of music by attending recitals. Students will have to attend a certain number of recitals depending on if they are a non-major or music major that they will have to report back to the music faculty. This allows students to be more involved on campus as well.

2. DAN 126 - Hip Hop

Picture of people's lower legs with differnt footwear and a large boombox in the middle

This class will take students through a series of modulations when it comes to performing hip-hop. Students will learn the basic techniques when it comes to hip-hop. This includes learning how to crunk, learning how to coordinate leg movement with upper-body movement, and how to groove to hip-hop music.

3. DAN 107 - Swing Dance

Swing dancers competing in a competition

This class is for those who are swingers! Students will be emerged into the world of swing dance. This includes imagining and re-emerging themselves in the Roaring 20s to the early 1940s. Students will learn about the origin of swing dance as well. Students will have to partner up with someone throughout the duration of this course.

4. ANT 170 - Cultural Anthropology

Are you interested in learning more about society and culture? Stay in tune with this course! This class will teach students about the purposes of art and culture. Students will learn more about the history of various traditions around the world and how it affects cultures. Cultures have different ways of life, why not learn about them?

5. DAN 127 - Ballroom Dance

Dancers dancing in a ballroom dance competition

Ballroom dance is more than just dance, it's about partnership. Students will learn more about the art of ballroom dance in this class. Students will also be paired up to learn the roles of leading the dance and following the leader in dance. Students will learn the basic movements for the waltz, fox trot, and salsa.

6. MKT 341 - Marketing

The essentials of online marketing illustrated in colourful icons

Students in this class will learn about the art of marketing things. Students will learn how to market themselves and other brands as well. Marketing is all about playing the game right. Students will learn how to use various advertisements and social media outlets to really boost their audience and find out if a brand is worth pushing as well.

7. ART 106 - Introduction to Drawing

A person drawing a hand

Are you an artist that hasn't found their true calling? Get ready to! This class may just be for you! In this course, students will learn about the basics of drawing figures, sketching out designs, and putting their art on paper. Students will also learn about the history of artistry and how to really get in the zone with their own art as well.

8. AST 111 - Astronomy

A picture of the Milky Way

This class will help students to understand the world and outer regions of space. Students will learn about the Milky Way Galaxy, the different stars that are outside of the Milky Way, the planets, the sun, and new discoveries as they relate to astronomy. Students will also learn about different theories in astronomy as well.

9. JRN 101 - Media and Society

The various forms of media in the form of icons being funneled down

Are you aware of what's going on in our world? Media outlets are always putting out news and so are different media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It's what get society talking. Students will learn about the effects of media on society and how it plays a vital role as well.

10. BUS 100 - Essential Business Skills

A look at people working on a computer, pointing at charts and typing on the keyboard in an office workspace

This class will allow students to really get in zone with business skills and how the world of business works. Students will learn about the purpose of ethics, the nature of business law, financing a new business, starting a new business, and how to conduct business within various industries. Start your new business today!


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