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10 Easiest Courses to Take at CMU

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Ja'Lena E Nicole

Figuring out which classes are the best fit for you can be kind of hard, especially if you're a first-generation college student or new to college at all! This article will help guide you in the right direction to find easier courses for your first year at CMU.

1. MTH 101 - Elementary Algebra

This class is a three-credit course and requires a pre-requisite of MTH 055. This course is a refresher of liner,  quadratic, rational, and radical equations as well as inequalities. A textbook is required, and there are quizzes every week. This will help ensure progress in the course as well as success.

2. ART106 -Introduction to Drawing

This three-credit course teaches you how to paint, sculpt, make ceramics, draw, photography and print making. This course also partakes in education trips to museums and art institutes.

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3.  EDU107 - Introduction to Teaching

This is a three-credit course that requires students to receive at least a B in. This course also requires students to complete 10 hours of classroom observation.  There are no pre-requisites required, and there are many different methods of teaching in this class; direct instruction, readings/videos, guest speakers etc.  This will help develop students into great instructors! This class is also available to take online.

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4. AST111 - Astronomy

This is a three-credit course that is offered by the Department of Physics at Central Michigan University (CMU). This course introduces the basics of astronomy. This class talks about the stars, solar system, stellar systems, and much more.

5.  SPN101 - Elementary Spanish

This course is 4 credits and requires all students who are have previous experience in the class to take a placement exam. This class is technically designed for those who have no previous knowledge of the Spanish language. The course goes over basic language and introduction skills. Students who have had 2+ years of Spanish in high school must ask for permission from the instructor of the course via email or phone.

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6. WGS100 - How Gender Affects Our Lives

This is a course within the Women and Gender Studies department. This course goes over gender inequalities and identifies historical/important events as well as views them in different perspectives. This course is also three credits.

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7.  CED101 - Career and Self-Exploration

This is a 1 credit course that prepares students for future careers. This class teaches skills that are crucial for career development. This course is offered in online format and face-to-face as well. Students who plan on taking this course in person must attend all class sessions to receive a full grade. Two absences will result in failure in the class.

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8.  FYE101 - First Year Experience

This course is offered only for first year students. This one credit course helps incoming freshman understand the university, gain career guidance, and much more. There are two options for taking this class, either online or in person.

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9. REL101WI - World Religions: An Introduction

Taking this course will teach students to understand the basic concepts of religion, historical development, distinguish between multiple approaches to the study of religion, as well as identify significant issues associated with religious traditions. This class is 3 credits, and has no pre-requisites.

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10. ATR100 - Foundations of Athletic Training

This is a three credit course that familiarizes students with the profession of athletic training. Students will learn how to assess and treat sports injuries, ensure athlete safety, and explore the professional practice of athletes.

Good luck to any incoming freshman who plan on attending CMU! With this at hand, yo'll be sure to find easy yet interesting courses to take that'll help you with your future. Remember to always explore your options and have fun!


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