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Top 10 Library Resources at Central Queensland University

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Killa Kurls
There are many resources available for students to utilize on campus. Some students don't know what these resources are, however. Luckily for you, we have listed some of the top library resources at Central Queensland University that hopefully you can use to help boost your GPA.

1. Tutoring

A person that is being tutored Are you struggling to maintain your grade in math? Don't worry! The library offers free tutoring services for students who are wanting to gain individual attention for a specific class that they need help with.

2. Computer Labs

The inside of a computer lab The library offers students and staff the chance to use computers in various labs around the building. Staff members can reserve these rooms for a specific class or students can just walk in based on availability.

3. Electronic Checkout

A person looking at electronics The library offers numerous electronic devices for students and staff members to checkout. This includes laptops, iPads, cameras, chargers, computer accessories, headphones, and more.

4. Help Desk

A graphic of a help desk The help desk is where students can go up to a librarian in person to ask any question they may have that relate to the library. The staff member will be able to help you the best way you can!

5. Ask a Librarian

 A symbol for ask a librarian This feature is only available online. Here, anyone can go on a live chat where they will have the chance to talk with a librarian. The librarian will have the answers to all of your questions.

6. Group Study Rooms

The inside of a study room Are you and your group of friends looking for a place to study? The library has a group study room for anyone looking for a place to get away from distractions that happen throughout the library.

7. Personal Study Rooms

The inside of a study room The library offers personal study rooms for students to utilize on their own spare time. You can reserve these rooms online or in person or even go in them as they become available.

8. Interlibrary Loans

A book that says inter-library loan Are you not seeing what you're looking for in the library that you are in? No worries! Students and staff have the option of borrowing from other libraries locally and even internationally.

9. Meeting Rooms

The inside of a meeting room Meeting rooms are available for students and staff that need a space to host a meeting or conference. Typically, these rooms are used for executive board meetings for organizations or classes.

10. Printing and Copying Stations

A printing printing off pages Do you need to print off something for a class last minute? The library offers printing and copying stations that are located throughout the building. Here, students will be able to print in black and white or colored ink.

Top Libraries

1. CQUniversity Library

A girl looking through books South Rockhampton QLD 4700, Australia This library gives students access to a number of different resources which includes books, movies, and audio collections. Students will also have a chance to study in study rooms and reserve many meeting rooms.

2. Rockhampton Regional Library

A birthday party in a library Address: 230 Bolsover St, South Rockhampton QLD 4700, Australia This library is located off campus and gives students access to a number of books that aren't generally open to everyone. Students will also have access to movies and games to checkout.

3. North Rockhampton Library

A look inside a library Address: 154 Berserker St, Berserker QLD 4701, Australia This library is off campus. Students will have a chance to study and look through a number of books and resources. Students will also have access to study rooms, meeting rooms, computer labs, printers, and other services.

4. Gracemere Library

A look at a shelf of books   Address: 1 Ranger St, Gracemere QLD 4702, Australia This library is located off campus. Students will be able to gain knowledge from a wide variety of books and more. Students will also have a chance to gain access to meeting and study rooms.

5. National Library of Australia

Books stacked on the table Address: Parkes Pl W, Canberra ACT 2600, Australia This library is the National Library of Australia and is the largest in the country. Students will have access to a number of archives and books that talk about the people of Australia and its enriching history.  


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