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10 Coolest Courses at CQU

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Abdullah Haroon

Central Queensland University is a Queensland based university having its main campus in Norman Gardens in Rockhampton. Total strength of the University is 35,000 and it was established in 1967. Below is the list of coolest courses of the university. 

1. LAWS20059 - Corporations And Business Structures 

basic concepts of Corporations And Business Structures

This unit will provide you with a comprehensive study of the law of business structures, with a particular focus on company and securities industry law.

2. AINV13001 - Accident Analysis  

Simulation of an accident at a crossroads

On completion of this unit students should be able to explain the characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of key theoretical accident analysis, simulation and reconstruction models. These students should also be able to apply the models to complex accident scenarios.

3. ACCT19066 - Accounting Systems And Assurance 

Accounting Systems & Control Mannual

This unit is designed to provide you with knowledge of the role technology plays in collecting, recording, storing and communicating accounting information. You will integrate your knowledge of accounting information systems and internal control techniques to analyse and evaluate existing and proposed systems.

4. DGTL12011 - Advanced 3D Animation 

A 3D character

This unit builds on the foundation provided by the prerequisite unit to further develop your skills and knowledge in three-dimensional (3D) animation, particularly character animation. 

5. ENEE13018 - Analogue Electronics 

Circuite of electronics

This unit introduces the operating principles of basic analogue electronic elements such as diodes and transistors. You will then use these basic elements to construct analogue devices such as amplifiers, active filters, oscillators and regulated power supplies. 

6. COIT20270 - App Development for Mobile Platforms 

IOS, Andriod, Windows - Three platforms of mobile applications

This unit is devoted to the design and implementation of applications for mobile platforms. A native mobile programming language will form the basis upon which programming techniques and design patterns will be developed for creating standalone applications.

7. MUSC11379 - Audio Recording Techniques 

Image showing mic of the recording studio

This introductory unit, utilising industry preferred audio design tools, provides training in recording, mixing and mastering music. Students undertaking this unit will plan and undertake a small recording project that requires them to record live instruments and edit, mix and master audio.

8. ECHO12006 - Cardiac Science  

a basketball player lying on floor

Accurate assessment and management of cardiac conditions requires comprehensive knowledge of cardiac pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment. 

9. PERF11021 - Community Arts 

Indoor Mural Painting

This unit is designed to provide students with the opportunity to develop a knowledge and appreciation of their own community and its social fabric and values.

10. COIT40206 - Computing Skills for University 

University students communicating with each other

On completion of this unit, students should be able to use a word processor to format the layout of an academic essay and a report. The students should be able to use a spreadsheet to complete a workbook, create simple formula, apply simple functions as well as create and format charts. 

For undergraduate and postgraduate students, Central Queensland University is offering a lot of courses in every discipline. If you are interested in taking admission here, have a look at the coolest courses offered by the university. 


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