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Top 10 Hardest Classes at CDU

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Elizabeth Mathu
Students should get a high-quality education.  Hard classes prepare students to tackle life challenges with seriousness. Below are the tough college classes that make students trans night at Charles Darwin University.

1. SCH 102 - Organic and Inorganic Chemist

Organic and Inorganic Chemistry is not a walk in the parkMost students agree studying organic and inorganic chemistry is not a cup of coffee. The class has broad content that covers a lot of material quickly. In most cases, they tend to be the first experience for students with laboratory work.

2. ENG 142 - Concepts Chemical Engineering

A student taking part in Chemical EngineeringChemical Engineering is hard as comfortable as other engineering classes. The class requires one to be good at math. If you know math is not your thing, don’t register for this class. If you must, please take some calculus class before enrolling for this weed out class.

3. SBI 171 - Anatomy and Physiology

Anatomy; Parts of a human bodyThe class is challenging but doable. It has a lot of workloads. Imagine reading tons of human muscles, veins, arteries, tons of bones and numerous other anatomical jargons. The class has a lot of information which is difficult to understand.

4. MATH 245 - Computer Science

Computer Science is a comprehensive courseThis class is tough because it involves programming. Programming is the first thing students have to learn in this class. It requires extreme logical and methodological approach of solving problems. The class requires patience and commitment from students.

5. BIOL 121 - Into Bio-Molec Bio Life

A study of biological moleculesThe class uncovers many exciting facts about cells in the human body, plants, and animals. It is a challenge to many students since they have to grasp microscopic body cells and nerves body that coordinate body movement.

6. ENG 480 - Applied Fluid Mechanics

Applied Fuel Mechanics; Design of Engine ValvesThe class has a wide range of applications from mechanical applications to aerospace engineering. This sounds like rocket science. Sure, it is. Before you register for this class make sure your perfect knowledge of laws of motion is in order.

7. ENG 247 - Fluid and Thermodynamics

Demonstration of Heat Transfer Fluids and ThermodynamicsThis is a fun class. The first time a student steps in this class, he doesn’t understand anything at all. The second time he walks in the class, he feels like he knows everything except small points. The third time he steps in the class, he realizes he doesn’t know anything at all. It has a lot of reading.

8. ACT 200 - Accounting CPA

CPA is a world-recognized courseAccounting class is not hard all. The accounting concepts that govern them and the rules and regulations are the problems. Laws don’t get along with many students since they involve a lot of reading and memorizing. Also, you must have a math background for you to excel in this class.

9. PSY 247 - Research Design and Analysis

A demonstration of the research cycleThe class is not hard regarding class content. However, it is time-consuming. Students are required to design research, go the field to collect data and then analyze it. After examining the data, they are required to present it. Register for this class if you have free time.

10. PTS 011 - Advanced Mathematics

Mathematical Formula in Advanced MathematicsThe class has a lot of algorithms, theorems, and axioms that are difficult to master. Also, there is no adequate time to read all the class work and revise accordingly. The class requires a lot of time, precision and dedication.Nothing is easy in life, but there is no reason to give up. Attend all the lectures and the assignment. Equip yourself with the lecture notes and textbooks from here.


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