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Health and Wellness Services at CDU

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David Mello

Named after one of the great scientific researchers of all-time, Charles Darwin University is a school that has allowed its system to branch out into multiple areas of Australia. Because of this, flexibility is provided to students in terms of how they can study. But for those who are physically in attendance at the school, they need to know they'll feel safe and secure. Fortunately, the school provides services to ensure these feelings. And along the way, they make sure to take care of students' health, as well.

1. Health Centre

Doctors and medical students treat patients Charles Darwin University has a very large building on the campus that doubles as a centre for students who are feeling generally ill on any given day and are looking to be examined by a doctor and as a hospital for students and other such local people who need more extensive treatments. The best part of this centre is that it is always more than fully staffed and will therefore be able to provide the help that people need with a general sense of immediacy. This extra staffing comes from the fact that medical health students are also learning in this centre.

2. Equity Services

Faculty members collaborate on service enhancement projects One of the main focuses of the disability services on the Charles Darwin campus is on equity. In addition to providing students who are disabled with the resources and services that they will need on any given daily basis, the disability services are also headed by people who are always looking for ways to improve what they can provide. One of these advancements comes in the form of pushing for more equity for disabled students.

3. Counseling

There is a phone number for CDU counseling There are counseling centers on the Charles Darwin campus for students to visit in person if they need mental health assistance from trained medical professionals. However, convenience is also taken into consideration by those who are in charge of CDU's mental health services. Therefore, the school has its own telephone number that troubled students can text or call at any time of day for support.

4. Emergency Management Services

A rescue dog patrols a disaster location In Australia, any sort of natural disaster could happen during the year and the school is always prepared for this. In the case of much larger emergencies, the school has management services in place. With these, students will know they are always being looked after by a service that exists throughout the year and is constantly vigilant.

5. Gym @ CDU

A student bench presses weights The Gym @ CDU may be blandly and plainly named, but the interior of it is anything but. Within, students can get any sort of fitness or exercise that they are looking for on any given day (even if it's leg day!). Additionally, if students feel so inclined, they can pay an extra fee for personal trainers who will help them with their exercises. The range of services at Charles Darwin is very sprawling. But the five services above condense some of the objectives of the school. Health will never be treated as a secondary priority at this school, to be sure.


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