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10 Hardest Courses at COSC

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Juliet Nduku

Charter Oak State College is a public educational institution. The college was established back in the year 1973. It has a suburban environment setting with a semester-based academic system. Let's look at some of the course units that are most hectic at this college.

1. ACC 102 - Managerial Accounting

picture of data and charts in a 3D graphic, with keyboard and coffee in the background

Students always complain about the calculations and heavy formulae involved in this unit. They have to spend most of their time studying and understanding how to apply the various formulae used in accounting.

2. BIO 152 - Genetic with Lab

picture of two strands of DNA

Sciences have never been that easy for most students. This becomes an added problem for any students enrolled in this course. They will have to delve deeper into biology and genetics to understand how the body system works. There is no place for guess work in this course.

3. ESC 120 - Astronomy

picture of different planets in astronomy chart

Sciences are further entailed in this course at deeper levels. Students have to spend plenty of time trying to learn about the different components of astronomy and the scientific processes that brought them about. They need to study to be able to explain the different phenomena.

4. MAT 109 - Statistics

picture of complicated graph with different lines

More calculations, new formulae, equations and all that mathematics-related work at an advanced level! Classes cannot be missed since you have to be present to be on par with the lecturers. A lot of time is needed when doing practice problems.

5. CSS 437 - Hacker Tech, Tools/Incident Handling

picture of students in a robotics lab

This course requiers having to fully understand how the various coding and programming languages work. Students will have to come up with the best and most unique software to beat the best hackers in the word while keeping the IT systems secure from any attacks.

6. BIO 311 - Cell Biology

picture of cells

All the time required in understanding the functioning of the different body cells, components of the cells, the new terms involved, and many more makes the course so hectic. Don't forget that all the three sciences are used in the course.

7. SPA 101 - Spanish 1

world cloud for the word thank you in different languages

Imagine having to spend several hours each day trying to learn a new language! Learning the proper pronunciation, meanings, and everything else involved in learning a new language is also required in this class. The zeal to learn the language should be high since it is not that easy.

8. PLG 320 - Family Law

picture of balance in courtroom

This is not your cup of tea if you don’t love reading and having to cram notetaking. You will also be required to know all the relevant cases and memorize them as precedents in future court sessions. Students deem the course as hard because of the work involved.

9. ITE 310 - Introduction to Programming PERL

picture of programming language

Programming has never been a walk in the park. Imagine having to take this course as a fresher! It is a nightmare trying to grasp all the coding and programming languages, while at the same time having to do projects that fail, making you restart the whole thing over.

10. HLT 102 - Dementia &Alzheimer’s Disease

picture of cells

All health-related courses are bound to be extra hectic. It all involves leaning about facts of different human life perspectives. This course involves learning about the disease, its causes, management programs, and more. It requires a lot of notetaking and readings too.

To pass with a high GPA, all that schoolwork requires hard work. Put in the time and you can attain your goals without straining. Visit the college’s website for more information about these courses.


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