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10 of the Easiest Courses at Charter Oak

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Chelsea Wang
Although many college students find themselves struggling to manage all their coursework and their time, they often find that an effective strategy to help their mental health and their GPA is by taking easier courses that do not require too much time or effort. Below are 10 of the easiest courses to take at Charter Oak State College.

1. COM 101 – Speech Communication

This course focuses on intrapersonal, interpersonal, and public speaking. Students acquire theory and develop skills in gender communication, workplace communication, interviewing, informative speaking and persuasive speaking.

A drawing of people holding hands with 'Speech' written on them


2. CRJ 101 – Criminal Justice

This course provides a practical understanding and general overview of the American criminal justice system. Students are introduced to a description of the major law enforcement agencies and their history, including the organization and function of the police, prosecution, corrections, and court systems.

An image of books, a gavel, and handcuffs


3. ECE 101 – Intro to Early Childhood Education

This course focuses on the history, theory, philosophy, and goals of early childhood education. Topics include the role of the teacher and of the environment as they influence student learning, a variety of early care and education programs, typical developmental characteristics, and what it means to be an Early Childhood Professional.

An image of a teacher instructing young students


4. ENG 101 – English Composition 1

This course focuses on the relationship between reading and writing. From readings, writings, and discussions, the student discovers that writing is a process of inventing, planning, drafting, reading critically, revising, editing, and proofreading.

An image of a map filled with English words


5. PSY 101 – Psychology

This course focuses on an introduction to psychology across a variety of sub-disciplines, including clinical, neuropsychological, developmental, cognitive, biological, and experimental. The course focuses on how psychology began with a philosophical perspective and how it has developed into a multidisciplinary science.

An image of the left versus right sides of the brain


6. PUB 101 – Intro to Public Administration

This course focuses on the study of public administration in 21st Century America. Students in this course become acclimated to core administrative topics, including: budgeting, ethics, and human resource management. The course also explores time management, stress management, communication, and motivation.

An image of words related to public administration


7. SOC 101 – Sociology

This course focuses on the basic concepts in Sociology and an analysis of culture, socialization, stratification, social organization, class, social interaction, social change, and conflict.

An image of people in the form of 'Sociology'


8. ACC 101 – Financial Accounting

This course is a comprehensive introduction to financial accounting concepts, techniques, rules, and utilization. The course develops an understanding of exactly what financial accounting seeks to accomplish and how accurate accounting gives critical insight into the operations of a business.

An image of 'Accounting' surrounded by accountants


9. BIO 105 – Nutrition

This course focuses on the functions of macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein and fat) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and how they are digested, absorbed, and metabolized. The relationships between nutrition and wellness/disease; energy intake and energy expenditures; weight control, physical activity and diets are examined.

An image of fruits, vegetables, and a stethoscope


10. EDU 100 – Intro to Paraprofessional Training

This course focuses on an overview of the roles and responsibilities of the educational paraprofessional. Learning outcomes are based on levels one and two of the National Paraprofessional standards, and include information on behavior techniques, communication, legal issues, instructional strategies, and roles and responsibilities.An image of words related to 'Paraprofessional' Taking these courses will surely benefit both your GPA and your mental health, freeing up time in your schedule to focus on other important matters, including finding an internship and joining extracurricular activities.  


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