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10 of the Easiest Classes at Chestnut Hill College

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Kimberly Mendoza
1 Aug 2018
5 min read
The best way to achieve your goals is by acquiring an adequate amount of knowledge about the specific goal you desire to achieve. College gives you that opportunity. So, start off at Chestnut Hill College with some of the easiest college courses. Here’s ten!

1) CRJU 122- Introduction to Criminal Justice

If someone breaches security, they could pose a great threat to the safety of others. This class teaches you about preventative measures used in providing security and justice for local, state, and federal levels of governments and organizations. Simultaneously, you will learn about what to do in cases of emergencies where there is a dilemma or crisis. compass with the name "security"

2) EDP4 203- Foundations/Theory/Early Childhood

The Foundations of Education course gives students background information on education. You will learn about educational history while gaining a perception of its philosophical and social standpoints. Altogether, students will be prepared to take on educational tasks in reference to early childhood.  a teacher taking out time to help students

3) ARTS 115 - Book Arts

For every page turned in a book, there is new insight and a vast range of information that can be received. This class teaches you how to make books. You will learn how come up with concepts for different styles and in turn, create beautifully formatted books. individual sitting and reading a book

4) GLST 201- Global Awareness Seminar

Global Awareness Seminar helps students to broaden their understanding of society as a whole. They will research communities around the world and develop an understanding of diverse backgrounds. Consequentially, students will global conflicts and resolutions. hands holding up a globe

5) HIST 142- American Survey

In this course, students will study America and the major events that have had an impact on the lives of the American people. There will be discussions about the continual development of the country. Also, information on the battles and wars that took place on American soil will be explored. the United States of America Flag

6) MGMT 204- Organization/Management of HR

Building an organization is hard work. It takes the effort of a team of people that are willing to work together toward a common purpose. This class will teach students about the qualities and characteristics that good team players should have in order to build an organization successfully. a tree of people that make up an organization

7) PHIL 109- Philosophical Thinking

Gain an understanding of human nature in this course. During class sessions, students will research human behavior. They will also discuss important questions that every individual asks themselves at one point in their life such as, “ What is real?” and “Does God exist?”  a young man in deep thought

8) PHYS 104- Astronomy

Learn about stars, planets, moons, and space objects when taking this course. The laboratory activities will give students the opportunity to have personal experiences with space objects. Altogether, they will enjoy studying the basics of astronomy as a whole. a beautiful red ball of light in the galaxy

9)PSYC 101- General Psychology

Become introduced to the study of how the mind functions in this class. Since every individual is different, every care plan and diagnoses must be uniquely designed. This class gives its students the opportunity to understand how a psychologist reviews mental behaviors as a scientist in order to properly assess each client. a white figure with a question mark behind it representing questions of the mind

10) RLST 206- World Religions

Because of the difference in cultures, there are numerous religions and belief systems that relate to the relationship of the community with the creator and their history. This class teaches students about religions around the world and how each one differs from the other. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="401"]Image result for world religion religions around the world[/caption] Your goals can be achieved in time with the help of courses such as these. All you have to do is believe and keep going.


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