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Top 10 Coolest classes at Chico State University

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Katie Anderton

Chico State University has so many opportunities, these include the amazing classes available to the students there. We've listed the top ten coolest, check out our choices below.

1.MKTG 465 - E-Marketing

Words associated with e-marketing

Technology has really changed the world of marketing, having skills in this area will surely make you stand out from the crowd, increasing your opportunities after graduation

2. REAL 369 - Real Estate Finance

key attached to door

This will touch on the all the problems, strategies and approaches to real estate finance. This is a crucial course for all those interested in a real estate career.

3. MUSC 222 - Fundamentals of conducting

a conductor in an orchestra

Imagine how cool a class based on the fundamental points of conducting, including the techniques and skills needed. This class is really unique, interesting and allows you to follow a certain niche.

4. SOCI 420 - Evironmental Sociology

a globe thats green

It's a topic which isn't studied a lot - how human societies have affected the environment. Topics such as population growth, working classes, climate change and individual habits are all considered.

5. ANTH 339 - Cultural Images of Women

people with computers and writing on a piece of paper

This is an approved Global Cultures class. It looks into women and the changing constructions of gender, this is a super cool class that is quite different to usual women's studies topics.

6. RELS 357I - End of the World

an old image of a city

This is quite an exciting, insightful class that looks into the different ways that religious communities interpret catastrophes and how they justify suffering and death. It focuses on the end of the world theories.

7. HUMN 281I - Food and Film

popcorn with 2 admit tickets

This is a really interesting, special class. It considers the use of food in film and how cultural, gender and ethnic identity play into it. Also, cinema has presented food in our lives in notable ways.

8. CSCI 102 - Living with Technology

three computer screens

We all know that technology plays a part in our lives, but just how greatly has it impacted us? Students are also encouraged to reflect on technology in their own lives, through journaling, which is a really nice touch.

9. SMFG 218 - Polymer Materials

bottle caps, plastic cup, plastic bag and dish soap containers

The study into sustainable plastic is really important. You'll look into recycling, waste and management, looking into engineering new materials and blends to improve the carbon footprint of polymers.

10. IDES 452 - Residential Design

a living room

Arguably one of the most important topics in interior design - residential design. Students will look into all design theories, professional applications and even sustainability. This is a really cool class.

Do we need to prove to you any more that Chico State offers cool classes. What did you think of our choices? Are there any you would add?


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