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Math Courses at Chico State University

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Katelyn Heuer

California State University, Chico is a public university located in Chico, California. Some of CSU Chico's most notable alumni include Sandy Lerner, Amanda Detmer, Don Young, Matt Kearny, and Matt Olmstead. With alumni like these, it's clear that CSU Chico wants to set up their students with success after their academic careers are over. This means that CSU Chico provides students with a wide variety of the courses so students can expand their knowledge in various topics. This, of course, includes math courses! Keep reading this post to learn about some of the math courses offered at CSU Chico.

1. MATH 105 - Introduction to Statistics

People at an applied math seminar at CSU Chico

Just like the name of the course suggests, this class is meant to introduce students to statistics. Students in this course will learn a summary of numerical data, distributions, linear regression, and statistical inference. Students will also work with statistical software. In previous years, this course has been taught by Professors Mark Wilpolt, Dustin Paisley, Richard Rose, Darryl Smith, Daniel Franden, and Rich Bigler. The best part is, because this is an introductory class, the only prerequisite is that you're GE mathematics and quantitative reasoning ready.

2. MATH 109 - Survey of Calculus

CSU Chico professors gathering

MATH 109 is perfect for students who want to learn and understand the basic concepts of calculus before diving into more complex topics. Students will learn the fundamental concepts and techniques of differential and integral calculus while also being introduced to differential equations. This course, taught by Professor Lori Holcombe, just requires that you take MATH 118, MATH 119, or a high school equivalent first.

3. MATH 101 - Patterns of Mathematical Thought

Two CSU students working on an assignment

Patterns of Mathematical Thought is not your traditional math course; it's actually designed for students who aren't math majors! The goal of this course is to provide students with an informal approach to math so they have an appreciation for it. In previous years, this course has been taught by Professors Mark Wilpolt, Thomas Cook, and Daniel Franden.

4. MATH 119 - Precalculus Mathematics

A CSU professor teaching

MATH 119 introduces students to various topics that are important for calculus or more complex math courses in general. Some of the topics covered include functions, graphs, systems of equations, inequalities, polar and parametric equations, complex numbers, and analytic trigonometry. In the past, this course has been taught by Professors Lori Holcombe and Richard Rose. All you need first is half a year of high school trigonometry or MATH 118 although MATH 118 can be taken at the same time as MATH 119.

5. MATH 120 - Analytic Geometry and Calculus

CSU Chico math club

Analytic Geometry and Calculus is the perfect introduction to the subject for students with no previous calculus experience. Some of the specific topics include limits, continuity, derivatives, maxima and minima, curve sketching, transcendental functions, and the definite integral. In previous years, this course has been taught by Professors Lori Holcombe and Richard Rose. Just make sure you've taken MATH 118 and MATH 119 (or a college equivalent) first!

6. MATH 108 - Statistics of Business and Economics

CSU Chico students cheering

MATH 108, taught by Professor Dustin Paisley, introduces students to statistics in the context of business and economics. Some of the topics covered include sampling theory, statistical inference, hypothesis testing, variance analysis, chi-square tests, regression, and correlation. Because this course is an introduction, there are no prerequisties; just be GE mathematics/quantitative reasoning ready!

7. MATH 220 - Analytic Geometry and Calculus

A group of CSU Chico students walking

Although there is another course with this name previously mentioned in this post, they are not the same thing! This version of Analytic Geometry and Calculus, taught by Professor Richard Rose, is a more difficult version of MATH 120 that covers more complex topics. Some of these topics include functions of several variables, partial derivatives, multiple integrals, line integrals, surface integrals, divergence and curl, Green's Theorem, the Divergence Theorem, and Stokes' Theorem. Just make sure you've taken MATH 121 first!

8. MATH 475 - Calculus of Variations

A CSU Chico professor reading

MATH 475, taught by Vladimir Rosenhaus, covers complex topics within the field of calculus. This includes Euler-Lagrange equations, Isoperimetric problems, Fermat's principle, Lagrangian and Hamiltonian mechanics of particles, and more. In addition, students will learn how these topics relate to physics and engineering. Although you only need to take MATH 260 first, it is recommended that you also take MATH 361 first too.

9. MATH 260 - Elementary Differential Equations

CSU Chico students working on a problem

Elementary Differential Equations, taught by Vladimir Rosenhaus, is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of differential equations. This includes topics such as first order separable, linear, and exact equations; second order equations; Laplace transforms; series solutions; systems to first order linear equations; and their applications. Just make sure that you've taken MATH 121 first!

10. MATH 110 - Concepts and Structures of Mathematics

A group of CSU Chico students

MATH 110, taught by Professor Sanjay Dev, is designed for students who aren't fully comfortable with math, which is why this class doesn't count for mathematics majors or minors. Students will cover the basics of the real number system, operations on real numbers, and number theory. The best part, though, is that there are no prerequisites for this course! Just be GE mathematics/quantitative reasoning ready!

Math can definitely be hard but CSU Chico offers math courses at all levels of difficulty so there's sure to be something for you. Keep this post in mind when you think about what math courses you want to take next semester!


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