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Going into your first year at college can be absolutely terrifying. However, it will be the best year of your college experience, especially here at Chico State! Being a freshman, here are 10 things to know before freshman year at Chico State.

1. The friends you make your first week will not be your friends the rest of the year. 

The first week of college is so crazy! Everybody is trying to find their place, just like you are. You are going to meet many people, get so many names and numbers that you are not gonna remember. Eventually, they will be “those people I met the first week of school.”

2. There are going to be so many free events, food, and  college merchandise. Take advantage of it! 

Chico State wants to give the freshman a huge welcome by showering you with free events with free food and free items. There are going to be all kinds of socials, gatherings, and BBQs. You’re now a college student, take advantage of any free stuff you can get!

3. The freshman 15 CAN actually happen, it is not a myth. 

Okay, this is probably the biggest thing freshmen are worried about going into college. Unfortunately, this is a huge thing that can actually happen. It can be avoidable, but it is going to be hard. Let’s just say the dining hall doesn’t always have the healthiest food. There is going to be soda fountain, a waffle maker, cereal bar, lots of fried food (chicken tenders, french fries, LOTS of tater tots), and always an abundant amount of desserts that it can be very hard to resist. Although the dining hall also has a salad bar, it is going to be hard to pass up chicken tenders and fries! Plus, drinking on the weekends is not going to help. The REC at Chico is amazing and has a great variety of machines, but sometimes being a college student you just don’t have time to go to the gym, but when you do have time, go to the gym!!

4. Most classes here are actually just like high school classes. 

Unlike other schools like, UC Santa Barbara, Chico has a great teacher to student ratio. Most classes will have a maximum of about 28-30 students, just like your high school classes back at home. Of course there will be some lecture halls with 100-200 students, but most of your classes will know your name, unlike some other university’s. In addition to class size, most G.E classes are not going to be that much harder than your high school required classes (English, History, etc,).

5. You are going to miss home from time to time and that is OK. 

Yes, the freedom and independence is a great feeling: not having your mother to tell you when to clean your room, do the laundry, or wash the dishes. However, there are going to be those days where you’re going to miss having dinner with your parents like any other normal night. Or where you are going to miss sitting on the couch watching a movie with your family, or telling your mom how your day at school went. It is going to happen and that is absolutely ok because almost everybody else is going to feel the same way.

6. You will be napping way more than usual. 

You are going to be so busy that you will find any free time a time to nap. Even if its 10 min or an hour. Naps are going to be crucial in college. Have 30 min between classes? NAP. It is bound to happen and it will be great, you will love it.

7. Your roommate may or may not be your best friend, but it is okay if you’re not. 

Everybody goes into college thinking and hoping that your roommate and you are going to be the best of friends forever! But unfortunately, that does not always happen. You might find a better friend in your dorm hall, class or club on campus. It is completely okay if you and your roommate have different friend groups, as long as you two get along at least. The last thing you want is awkward tension every time you walk into your room.

8. The dining hall food is not going to be the best sometimes. 

There are going to be days where you really just want some of your mom’s homemade meal or your dad’s grilled steak or anything else really. Going along with the dining hall not having the healthiest options, sometimes there just isn’t going to be anything you want to eat in there so you’ll end up just eating cereal.

9. You’ll have much more independence and flexibility unlike high school.

In college, you make your own schedule. You choose when class is the best time for you, when you want/can have lunch and when you want to eat dinner. You’re completely on your own, with no parental figure telling you when dinner is ready and no eight-hour school days with designated lunch time.

10. Partying is not the only thing you can do for fun here.

Usually the first thing that comes to most students mind about Chico State is one word: parties. Yes, there are going to be parties. There are parties at any college you go to and that’s just the way it is. However, partying is not the only fun thing to do in Chico. There is so much to do and see here. There’s Bidwell Mansion, Bear Hole, Upper Bidwell Park hiking, shopping downtown, eating downtown and many great water ways that you can float down on! There are also so many great clubs and activities offered here at Chico State, so do not worry if you don’t like parties, there is also something else for you.

Overall, freshmen year here at Chico State is going to be one of the best years of your life. Starting out it is going to take some time getting used to. However, in the end, when you look back on it, you are going to cherish the first year you spent away from home and the year you found your friends for life. Cherish every moment of this year, it is going to go by in a blink of an eye.


Natalie Ining

Hi my name is Natalie Ining and I am pre-nursing student at California State University, Chico!

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