MADT101, taught by Professor John Roussell is a very… interesting class. One day you walk in, there will be youtube videos for the entire lecture. Next, Prof. Roussell will be doing Spongebob Impressions. You never really know what is going to happen next. So, if this has persuaded you enough to take the class, here are the 5 biggest concepts you will learn from it.

1.Communication Model and Theories

Yes, that pain in the butt from high school has returned.  Send, receive, interpret, respond. Along with all the other little stuff in between. Get ready to learn a lot of theories and use them to interpret in different situations.  However, once you have them all down, you are set for the first exam and prepared to sound very intelligent (and annoying) in every day conversations.

Communication Model

2.Media Giants

When you take this class, be prepared to hear Disney, Coca Cola, Google, or Apple every single time you meet. They are just a huge part of our every day world, and surprisingly effect all of our lives in some way, shape, or form. Media giants RULE THE WORLD!

Media Giants

3. Advertising

Along with media giants, Prof.Roussell will thoroughly explain advertising. Since the very first advertisement, to the most recent internet ads, advertising is another part of this class that affects the world on a global scale. Mostly, controversies with advertising such as use of photoshop. In fact, you will probably hear about photoshop in almost every communication or media arts class you ever take. (Suggestion: do your 7 page essay at the end of the class on this!)


4. Newspaper, Radio, TV, Internet

The evolution of media, this will follow you from chapter to chapter. Sadly, you will have to remember multiple different names of newspapers. Such as the first Newspaper in the colonies, the first Penny-Press, and the Newspaper to break the Watergate Scandal. It is a tedious process, but all of the previous topics will encompass the evolution of media in some way.


5. 360º Approach

This is probably one of the more important concepts to take from this class. It can be applied in the real world, and even help you to understand others better. Look at any situation from every angle. Take a second, think about how posting that picture could hurt others, who would benefit from it. You use this to analyze why newspapers or other forms of media ran a story or why they would show a certain picture. Quite a handy tool when you need to search for empathy.


Hopefully this article has not scared you away from taking MADT101, however if you are a communication major… you will have to take this class as an introduction to everything. It does require some effort, but the professor keeps it interesting for the class. He wants everyone to understand and stay engaged. He cares about everyone, and wants you to do well.

Hope this helps, happy studying!

~Addi B.

Addison Bedford

Student from Chico State. Interested in photography, event planning, and anything mysterious or paranormal.

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