Chemistry has never been an easy class for anyone. Here at Chico State, we have great professors in the field of Chemistry, whether it is general chemistry, organic chemistry, or a harder chemistry. Taking this class hasn’t been easy, but here are a few tips on how to make it not so hard.

1. Take notes. 

It is guaranteed that most of the test will be from the lectures itself. So take thorough notes because the more you write them out the more they will be in your brain.

2. Do the homework. 

Although, the homework may just be five points each, they are important. The homework is extremely helpful and is usually very similar to the types of questions on the tests. Sometimes they may take long, but it is completely worth it.

3. Show up to class.

Most science lectures are huge and attendance is not taken. However, this does not mean to not go to class. Chemistry is tough, and a great way to AT LEAST pass it is to go to class, listen to the lecture, and take notes. Skipping a class may leave you completely lost and backtracked and can be harmful to your grade. 

4. Go to the SI sessions.

Here at Chico State, some science classes have what is called “SI.” It is a form of study group with students from your class and an “SI Leader” who leads the study session. In this session the leader basically goes what has been gone over in class just in more detail. It is extremely helpful to go to these and they often have an exam review, giving you extra practice before the test.

5. Form a study group; or make a study partner. 

Studying alone can be great, but being able to teach other people helps you remember the material better. If you can teach someone else, then you have the material down. Sometimes studying alone can be draining and you won’t always feel as ready.

6. Do extra work.

Often times, practice problems will be available along with the homework. These problems won’t be due for homework and that is why a lot of people don’t do them. However, if they are available, do them. Any extra practice will always help, whether or not you like it doesn’t matter. If you want a good grade, do extra work.

7. Read the textbook. 

It is not always an assignment to read the textbook, however, it is always a good thing to do so. Especially if you bought the expensive textbook, use it. Sometimes, the professor doesn’t go over everything that’s in the book and then sometimes those topics appear on the tests. Most of the time the professor expects the students to read from the textbook, and that is where the test can get you.

8. Do NOT cram the night before.

Whatever you do, do not stay up all night the night before studying. That is not going to do anything. For chemistry, especially, you need to start studying at least a week in advance. This class is very complex, and only studying the night before, really isn’t going to cut it.

9. Review your notes after class.

Although it may sound repetitive, review your notes after class while it is still fresh in your brain. Doing things over and over again will help you remember them and understand the concepts better. Just do a quick scan after class one time and the information will be embedded in your head.

10. Always do the labs extra carefully.

Labs are at least 25% of your grade and that is a good amount. This portion of your grade should be easy points. If you do well on these labs, that is an easy 100% in that category. In a class like this, every point counts and you do not want to mess up the easier parts.

Chemistry is going to be a hard course no matter what. Just take the class slow, pay attention and stay focused and you will get a good grade. This class may take some extra work, but it is worth it for the grade in the end.


Natalie Ining

Hi my name is Natalie Ining and I am pre-nursing student at California State University, Chico!

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