For most, taking a communications course is required for graduation. Usually, you are given the option to either take Group Communication or individual communication. Communications 132 ensures that you are in a group of about five people, working together for presentations throughout the course. Here are five pros and five cons of taking CMST132.


1. You get the opportunity to meet new people.

Being in Communications 132, you will most likely be a first year student as it is one of the first GEs you can take. Therefore, taking Group Communications can give you the opportunity to make some great friends on campus. Often times, you will have to get together with your group to work on your presentations and this can often lead to some great friendships!

2. More people, means less work.

While being in Individual Communications, you are required to create and present to the class by yourself. Meanwhile, being in CMST132 allows you to delegate work to your group members, splitting the work equally. This results with less stress and more time for you to work on your other classes.

3. One group grade, and one individual grade.

After presenting, you will always receive one individual grade and one group grade. This is great, because it’s not just a group grade for everyone. Therefore, if you do better than one of your group members you can still receive a better grade.

4. Group quizzes. 

In addition to group presentations, CMST132 also entails group quizzes rather than an individual quiz. This can be super helpful if there comes a time where you forget to do the reading. A group member can always be there to help the whole group out!

5. You learn how to work in group settings.

Throughout your life, you are always going to be working with people, whether it is at work, school or home. Learning to work in a group is an essential skill in life. This class will be a great experience for working in groups and how to manage group work. This class can be a vital piece of one’s education and future career.


1. Being an introvert, this class may be difficult. 

If you are more on the timid side, this class may not be the one for you. This class calls for communicating with your group at all times, doing exercises and activities with other peers in your class, and socializing with your own group members. Some people are just born introverts, therefore this class would not be for you.

2. If you like to get things done on your own, this class may frustrate you.

Being in this class, you must trust that your group  members will get their portion of the presentation done and thoroughly researched. However, if you are someone who likes to do everything themselves and get things done on your own, then this class is definitely not for you. Often times, it can get frustrating when group members don’t do their part on time and it may be a little stressful at times.

3. Sometimes you may be the one doing all of the work.

In the beginning of this class, you have to pick your groups quickly. And often times you don’t always know a person right away. Therefore, there is the possibility of ending up in a not so favourable group. This can lead to you possibly doing all of the work on your own. It can be really frustrating, but be aware that it happens.

4. It can be hard to schedule meetings with your group. 

People are always busy and have other things they need to do. This means that it can be really hard to schedule a time when your whole group can meet. Especially considering different class schedules, sometimes a scheduled meeting doesn’t always work out. This can cause a lack of cohesiveness in presentations and can eventually be a burden on your grade if it is not fixed.

5. There might be that ONE person who doesn’t do a single thing. 

There are always a handful of those people who just let everyone else do their work for them. And if you’re unfortunate, you can end up with that person. It is always hard when this happens, but it is hard to control. In Group Communications, you risk that slight chance of getting that one person in the class who never does their work. So, if you are scared to take that slight chance, do not take this class.

For the most part, Group Communications can be one of the best classes you will ever take! However, there are always some cons, just like any other classes you take. In this situation, the pros outweigh the cons.

Natalie Ining

Hi my name is Natalie Ining and I am pre-nursing student at California State University, Chico!

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