The WREC is the Wildcat Recreation Center. More often than not its called the gym, however, that word does not capture all of the beauty and majesty of the WREC. The WREC has it all, and here are 10 of the best things Chico State‘s WREC has to offer.

1. Rock Climbing

Chico State has its very own rock climbing wall. It is roughly two stories high and the employees run belaying courses every week. Not only do they have the huge rock wall with many different paths and difficulties, they also have a free climbing boulder. The staff lays out routes to take on the boulder (as well as on the wall) that progress from beginner to extremely advanced. Chico State provides the climbing shoes as well as chalk upon request. The staff is always ready to jump in and help you should you become stuck or unsure of how to finish a route.

2. The Pool

The pool is easily one of the best places to be during the hot summer months. On top of that, it is a great place to meet more people and to have a fun time. They can set it up for lap swimming or just a casual public pool.

3. The Hot Tub

Not only does the WREC have an awesome pool, they also have their very own hot tub. It is the perfect place to kick back, relax, and recuperate from the stresses of college life. The hot tub is usually pretty packed at the beginning of the year when the freshmen discover it and are amazed by it, but eventually, the popularity dies down some later in the year. If you are willing to squish in a little, the hot tub has been rumored to fit up to 30 people in it at once.

4. Indoor Track

If you love running, but hate running in the heat or cold, the track at the WREC is perfect for you. Not only is the whole building air conditioned, but heated as well. So it is the perfect temperature. The track is on the second floor of the WREC above the basketball, soccer, and volleyball courts so you are able to have some entertainment while running in circles. Not only this, but the track is made of a material that’s specially designed to be easier on your joints and body. That’s not saying that it is super soft and squishy, but it has more give than traditional concrete.

5. Personal Trainers

Now, personal trainers are awesome, but you do have to pay for them here at Chico State. This is the only part of the WREC you should have to pay to gain access to, but if you’re looking to really better yourself and train hard, then it’s definitely worth looking into getting a personal trainer from the WREC.

6. Roller hockey

The WREC hosts the roller hockey club as well as roller hockey activities for its students. Roller hockey or inline hockey is something that not many colleges provide resources for, so Chico State students are quite lucky to have the WREC provide this for them.

7. Indoor Basketball

The WREC features numerous courts for playing basketball. The most in action at once is usually four. These are full, proper, basketball courts. Not only this, but you will almost never be alone should you want to play there, there are always people looking for a pickup game and people willing to help you improve overall. On top of that, the WREC also provides the basketballs for all the courts, and they are always in top condition.

8. Indoor volleyball

They also have two volleyball courts right next to the basketball courts that can also be set up to play badminton. The WREC also provides the volleyballs for this, and while volleyball is less popular than basketball, you will still find people willing to hit the ball around with you.

9. Exercise classes

The WREC also offers numerous exercise classes. These are a great way to meet like-minded people who care about fitness and are willing to attend classes on it. These range from the stereotypical 30 exercise bikes in a room and enthusiastic shouting, to yoga, to Fuego. All in all, it will be hard not to find a class for you.

10. The Bathrooms

Now, this one may seem a little strange, but the bathrooms in the WREC are nothing short of luxurious. To explain, they are noticeably larger than the showers in the dorm rooms and offer more privacy as well. The WREC is also one of the newest buildings on campus so they have state of the art technology and that includes the bathroom setup. It is not uncommon for the freshman in the dorms to start working out solely so they can use the WREC showers. The WREC locker rooms are almost spotlessly clean and they are kept noticeably cooler than the rest of the gym, ensuring the least amount of germs.

Overall, the WREC is probably the best gym you could ever get a membership to, and you get it for free. Well, technically some of your tuition does go there but hey, look on the bright side! You’re already basically paying for a gym membership, so why not use the WREC? Especially since they have so much to offer, including some that have not been covered in this article. So get out there and find something to do at the WREC!


Randy Richard

I am an English Studies Major at CSU Chico, I hope to minor in creative writing as well.

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