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Chico State offers many resources for its students to feel at home, comfortable, relaxed, and genuinely happy with their choice in higher education. Here are some of the best and fan favorite resources that Chico State has to offer.

1. The WREC

The WREC is the school’s free gym. The WREC offers everything from rock climbing, scuba lessons, to an indoor track. They also offer personal trainers as well as there is always someone in there willing to help you if you can’t afford a personal trainer. While lifting weights may not be for everyone, the WREC offers a multitude of options and anyone should be to find their niche.

2. Wildcat Food Pantry

The wildcat food pantry is there for all students who may be experiencing financial difficulties. This resource is especially useful for the students who are living off campus and do not have access to a meal plan, or who are living in the “off-campus housing” University Village and have a reduced meal plan. No matter what, there is always food and no questions asked. If you are a Chico State undergraduate or graduate student who is experiencing food insecurity, then you are eligible to use the Hungry Wildcat Food Pantry. The Pantry is operated in a safe, confidential zone, without judgment, by the honor system, without validation of need.

3. Academic Advisors

The academic advisors are always there to help you, whether you know exactly the kind of assistance you need or are completely clueless they are there to assist and help you with anything. They have drop-in hours so you simply walk in and give them your ID, you’ll be asked two questions to verify your identity. It is possible to make an appointment but it not necessary. They are even capable of helping you navigate the difficult GE requirements

4. The HUB

The HUB is one of the best places to go on campus no matter what you need. They have everything from nice snacks, a fun and bouncy environment, free tutoring, good people, and games to play. Their goal is to find a place where everyone can go and feel welcome and the succeed with over 100%.

5. The Zen Den

The Zen Den is easily one of the best resources to use on campus. There are two zen dens on opposite sides of the campus so that students can access them from anywhere. These are rooms that are built for relaxation. With nice ambient music, comfy chairs, massage chairs, guided meditation, snacks, and just a generally quiet and relaxed atmosphere. It is not uncommon for students to miss class because they accidentally fell asleep in a zen den somewhere on campus


Chico State knows that students are paying a lot of money to be here, they try to make that stay as comfortable and as amazing as possible. They offer so many useful resources and these are just some of the best that students love, but there are many that aren’t included in this article. If you have a favorite place that wasn’t mentioned, make sure to leave it in the comments so other people can see it!


Randy Richard

I am an English Studies Major at CSU Chico, I hope to minor in creative writing as well.

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