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Ever wonder where those thousands of dollars are going every month when you pay tuition? Many colleges have a general breakdown on their websites for incoming students to gauge if they would like to attend, however these are not exact and true to the date. With permission from a current Freshman attending Chico State and living on campus, here is how tuition breaks down.  For the entire year at Chico State this student (or should I say their parents) paid $18,154Image result for meal plan chico state

1. Housing

Surprisingly, housing on campus costs more than your actual classes. Whether you have financial aid or not, signing up for a payment plan is a great idea. Without financial aid, the price per month for housing is $1,189.00  Coming to a full cost of $11,334 to live on campus for a year. This pays for your room, lounge area in the dorm, events your RA puts on, bathrooms, internet, laundry services and general upkeep of your dorm community. If you compare this to rent off campus, it can be quite pricey. Image result for dorm housing chico

2. Tuition Fee (Actual Classes)

The amount you have to pay for actual classes at Chico State is quite surprising. With two installments of $2,871.00, one for Fall Semester and one for Spring, the yearly cost of classes at Chico is $5,742.00 However, this does not include any extra costs of books, supplies, or Winter/Summer term classes you would like to take. Related image

3.Meal Plan

Meal plan costs do vary depending on what plan you sign up for, this student signed up for the Bidwell Plan which is the middle tier on the three that are offered by the university. They receive 176 meals per semester (11 meals a week) and $128 Flex Cash. For this it costs, $587.00 per payment which comes out to $3,522 for the year. Which calculates out to $10 per swipe. However most people end up with more than 30 swipes left over.

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4.Student Union Fee

The Student Union fee helps to pay those who helped enroll you into the college. These include academic advising, admissions office, financial aid office, and plenty more. This cost is $399.00  per semester. So it comes out to $798.00 per year. Image result for student union chico

5.Health Facilities Fee

Whether you have gone to the health center or not, you are required to pay this fee. The health center is an amazing tool for wildcats to easily be seen by a professional to ensure their health. The cost per semester is $141.00 which comes out to $282.00 per year at Chico State. Image result for health center chico


These were the top 5 costs of your tuition if you choose to live on campus at Chico State. These are not all of the costs, but these are the most substantial ones. Others include I.D. Fee, Instructional Fees, and other assorted things colleges think they can scam you into paying. Whether you have any financial aid or not, it is always a good idea to learn how your tuition breaks down.





Addison Bedford

Student from Chico State. Interested in photography, event planning, and anything mysterious or paranormal.

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