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Resident Advisers have a tough job on campus. With some great benefits of free housing and meal plans, they carry a lot of responsibility to keep their residents safe while putting on events for them to get involved in. With the benefits in mind, here are some things you need to know if you want to be an RA at Chico State.

1. No Partying

That comes off a little strong, but if you really are planning on being an RA, you have to balance your more ‘social’ life with your work. That means, don’t post about your crazy night out, don’t go to parties that your residents are at, and most of all don’t smoke or drink in your room! This is one of the most important things because within the past year over 20 Resident Advisers were fired after one ratted them out for throwing a very big party.  If you do choose to party, or participate in an illegal activities, just be careful.

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2. Keep Your Grades Up

You are expected to watch over all of your residents, be a leader in the community, put on events for your residents, take care of yourself, and keep your grades up. This is a lot of stress, so be ready to take on a lot at once. It will definitely teach you good time management skills.

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3. Free Food and Housing

The biggest and well, best perk of being an RA. The school pays for your housing and meal plan which can save you about $12,000 per school year that you are an RA. Having a room to yourself and an unlimited meal plan is not too bad.

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4. There’s No Pay…

So, you do get free food and housing, but that is really the only compensation you receive for being an RA. Most Resident Advisers also double as Desk Attendants to make some cash on the side.

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5.You Have Connections

Another small perk of being an RA is that you have connections. With literally every other RA on campus and your higher ups and everyone they know. So if you want to get something done in the dorms, or need something fixed, you always have someone that you can call.

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Hopefully this article hasn’t scared you away from being a Resident Adviser at Chico State. Although it doesn’t sound like the most fair trade off, lots of the RAs love their jobs and the perks that come with it. Not to mention, it looks great on a resume! Hope it helps! Happy Studies!



Addison Bedford

Student from Chico State. Interested in photography, event planning, and anything mysterious or paranormal.

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