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It is no myth that part of your grade is based around your professors’ judgement of you. Not that they will be unfair, but many, if not all professors can be more open to letting a few things slide or giving some extra credit to bump you up if they know you well enough. In order to do that you have to get them on your side, here is how to get Chico State professors to like you.

1. Go To Class

Always Always Always go to class. Even if you don’t study, even if you don’t listen, just go to class! Teachers notice who does and doesn’t show up. On test days, lots of professors end up saying things like “I don’t know half of you!” By showing up to class, they know you are at least dedicated and punctual.

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2. Participate

Many classes you take will have between 20 and 50 people, some even closer to 100. When the teacher asks a question, answer it! Many questions that professors ask in class are to see what your opinion is. These are the easiest and a great way to connect with your teacher. If you don’t get the chance to speak up during the lecture, stay a few minutes after class. Professors LOVE having conversations with curious students after class. It shows you are willing to do more to learn more.

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3. Always Take The Blame

This one may not be as well known, but if you mess up and don’t turn in an assignment, or you are absent for a quiz, don’t demand them to give you another chance. Emails work to communicate this, but going to office hours is usually your best bet. Everyone misses something every once in awhile, even if it is by accident, start by apologizing and saying “I understand you are not obligated to give me this chance, but I figured I should try.”

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4. Say Hi!

If you ever see your professor around campus or even around town, say hi! If they do not immediately recognize you, this is a sign you aren’t very well known in class. Don’t worry, if this happens simply introduce yourself and say something like “I am in your ____ class on Tuesdays and Thursdays!” This may just start a conversation and that is an even better way to get them to remember you.

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5. Sit In/Near The Front

Most people try to hide in the back of the room and learn there, but that shows your professor you don’t want to face this course head on. You want to learn from the sidelines. To get them to remember you, and for you to be able to participate more, SIT IN THE FRONT! And always sit in the same spot that way they know exactly where you are.

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All in all, there are countless was to get professors to like you, they are just people too! Show that you are curious about the subject, and that you want to learn more. Put in the effort, and your teacher will notice. Hope it helps! Happy Studies!


Addison Bedford

Student from Chico State. Interested in photography, event planning, and anything mysterious or paranormal.

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