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Most college campuses are very forward thinking. Ready to embrace diversity and equality. Always trying to offer more ways for their campus to become more accepting of anyone of any faith, age, race, gender, culture, or sexuality. In honor of that, here are 5 clubs and organizations you can join on your Chico State campus to embrace diversity.

1.Gender and Sexuality Equity Center

The Gender and Sexuality Equity Center or GSEC,  promotes not only equality among genders and a freedom of sexuality, it ensures the sexual health of students on campus. GSEC offers free condoms, lube, dental dams, and rape whistles to every student that seeks them. They put on events such as Feminist Fridays, Sex Week, and Drag Shows! The organization even offers students of certain majors internships worth up to 3 units! That’s like taking an entire class. Image result for gsec chico state


2.Chicano/Latino Council

Started by a group of Chicano/Latino Faculty, the CLC was founded to combat issues and injustices hurting the Chicano/Latino community. They meet regularly through the school year and is open for any students and staff to join. They organize and put on multiple events for all students on campus to participate.Image result for chicano latino chico state


3.Religious Diversity Association

The RDA was founded on the grounds of providing a way for anyone of any religion to create an organization in support of their ideals. They put on events to help decrease stereotypes in the community. They also want to start a conversation among students to ask questions about religions, respect them, but find a way to understand their views.Image result for religious diversity chico state


4.Association for Women in Business

The mission of AWB is to empower women interested in and or majoring in business. They help teach women skills to use in the business world, and how to break the glass ceiling. They strive to achieve equality in business for all genders because in this day and age, diversity is key.Image result for women in business chico state


5.Phi Sigma Iota – The International Foreign Language Honor Society

There are many different cultural clubs any student can join on campus, Phi Sigma Iota does its very best to include all by learning foreign languages. They invite students and faculty alike and give prestigious awards and honoree inductions to those that apply. Image result for Phi sigma iota chico state


Chico state along with most colleges, is an epicenter for diversity and forward thinking in terms of equality. It strives to offer the best services and studies for students of all types. These organizations on campus are just one of the many ways you can embrace your own diversity and play a role in furthering freedoms on campus and in your community.

Hope it helps! Happy Studies!



Addison Bedford

Student from Chico State. Interested in photography, event planning, and anything mysterious or paranormal.

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