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Top 10 Coolest courses at the City College of San Francisco

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Katie Anderton

As you'll already know, the City College of San Francisco offers a range of different cool experiences. Their courses and classes are no exceptions. Here are the top ten coolest classes to study at City College of San Francisco. ASAM 40 - The Chinese American Community

1. ASAM 40 - The Chinese American Community

Learn about the American Chinese community

This class gives you the opportunity to learn about the Chinese American community, both in the past and present. You'll also look at what caused some of the changes.

2. CINE 24 - Basic Film Production Cinema

Basics of film prodouction class

Learn all about the fundamentals of digital and analogue camera operation. This will also include basic editing principles, and lighting and sound. This is the first step to becoming a filmmaker.

3. DANC 155A - Salsa and Latin Dance

Do you want a latin dance class?

Explore Latin dances, with an emphasis on the classic Salsa dance. You'll learn all the basic dance steps, with a direct focus on social dances. What a cool class?

4. BCST 119 - Digitial Media Skills

Get hands-on experience with digital media

This class will give you hands-on experience in computer operations, and all the equipment needed to make video and audio. This is a great set of skills to have in today's world.

5. FASH 69 - Basic Pant Draft

Learn the basics of pant making

It's a class that gives you all the information that you need to measure, fit and draft an amazing pair of pants. Obviously, this will come in handy in your fashion career.

6. TH A 150C - Advanced Acting Fundamentals

The fundamentals of acting

Examine, practice and execute the fundamentals of acting. This class's direct focus is on improvisation, staging techniques and acting terminology. You don't want to miss it.

7. PHOT 80 - Outdoor and Ambient Lighting

Find the perfect natural lighting

A practical, interesting class on managing natural light. What makes this class extra cool, is the fact that field trips are required. How amazing is that?

8. SMBS 135 - Ownership/Operation of Small Business

Discover how to become a small business owner

Learn all about the terminology and concepts of running a small business. It'll also teach you how to create a formal business plan, and organise a marketing strategy.

9. ASTR 4 - Life in the Universe

Evolution of Earth class

Learn all about the evolution of life on Earth. Astronomy, planetary science, and biology. You will study the chemical and biological basis for life.

10. RE 181 - Principles of Real Estate

How to enter real estate

This class covers the basic laws and principles of real estate. This is an amazing class that is designed for those that are interested in entering the Californian real estate market.


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