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10 Of The Easiest Classes at City College Of San Francisco      

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Alexis Kass
City College of San Francisco is a public two-year community college in San Francisco, California. It was first founded as a Junior college in 1935, but is now a community college for students looking to earn their associates degree in one of the 50 academic programs, or the 100 occupational disciplines. The institution is a very large community college, and has about 23,000 students enrolled in the College. The school has a very active student life with more than 80 clubs and organizations as well as athletic teams. While the college has a great community, the one thing students want to know is how to get the best out of their courses. Here are the 10 easiest classes at City College of San Francisco.

1. SUPV 233 - Human Resources Management

This course pertains to the general concepts of human resources. It addresses the techniques on how to recruit, and positively affect employee development. It also addresses the issues in the workplace such as discrimination and sexual harassment. 

2. HIST 17A - The United States

This course observes the history of the United States. It starts from the indigenous civilization time period up onto the present time. It also looks at the life of Americans in that time period as well as the role that the United States plays in other world affairs. It is an easy as well as important class because it keeps students interested in the topic, and people should understand History.

3. CDEV 67 - Child, Family and Community

This course teaches students how a child develops focusing on the interrationship of their community. It observes the importance of respectful and reciprocal relationships towards children. 

4. SPAN 1 - Elem Spanish

This course teaches students the most fundamental aspects of the Spanish language. Any student can take this course regardless of their Spanish speaking level. Therefore the course could be easier for some students than others. However the course is designed to facilitate Spanish learning therefore the Professors keep it fun and interactive. 

5. AFAM 30 - African American Consciousness

This course looks at the research found a century ago in anthropology. It teaches students the complex understandings of how African Americans think, feel, and image their own consciousness. 

6. ART 101 - Western Art History

This course observes the Western Art from 35,000 B.C.E. to 500 C.E. The art is discussed from critical and historical ideas. This class is designed to help students understand the importance of the art in that time period, however it is primarily a very lenient course. 

7. PE 565 - Step Aerobics

This course teaches students the art of step aerobics. Step aerobics is a form of exercise that also has aspects of dance. Students have to step on and off of a platform while listening to music, and following the group. It is a really fun and easy course.

8. CDEV 65 - Orientation to ECE Principles

This course observes ­the importance of adult-child interactions. It also looks at the teaching strategies, and how that affect different types of children. 

9. PE 501A - Beginning Archery

This course teaches students the fundamentals of archery. It teaches them the skills to participate in the archery activity. It is also an old activity that humans have used over centuries ago, so students will learn about the history as well. It is an amazing experience, and students really enjoy this course. 

10. PE 554A - Beginning Yoga

This course teaches students the fundamental art of yoga. It teaches them the different poses as well as the science of of physical activity. It is a great way for students to relieve stress and have fun, especially while at school. Like most college students, the students of the City College of San Francisco want the best courses that will help them succeed in the future. Each course at the college is harder than others, and some are easier than others as well. The City College of San Francisco has a lot of courses which can be very confusing for student when deciding what classes, they should take. These courses are ten of the easiest courses that students can take at the college because while they have great information for students to learn, the courses treat the students fairly.   


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