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Top 10 Dorms at Clarion University

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David Mello
15 Oct 2018
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Clarion University is an amazing school in Pennsylvania that has a glowing reputation. You have a great community behind you if you're a student at Clarion. This community is thanks in large part to the excellent living areas.

1. Venango Hall

Venango Hall Address: 1801 W 1st St The price for Venango Hall is absolutely a steal, considering everything that comes with it. When you live here, you're paying for a full slate of amenities and nearby areas. One such aspect is the close dining hall, which is included in the payment for housing.

2. Suites on Main

Suites on Main Address: 218 Main Street If you've ever watched House Hunters, then you've probably heard "location, location, location!" And Suites on Main has that in bulk. Located in the heart of downtown, students will be close to the bustling daily and night lives that await them when they are at school.

3. Valley View Suites

Valley View Suites Address: 814 Wood Street The Valley View Suites get the edge over the Campus View because of the gorgeous overlook that awaits students. Additionally, these suites are a bit quieter. It's hard to think of better places to study than one that has a great view and plenty of silence.

4. Campus View Suites

Campus View Suites

Address: 840 Wood Street The twin building of Valley View, Campus View is just as exceptional a location to live. It may not have the best view, but it is the closer to the center of campus of the two. Frankly, the Hilltop Suites are one of the top dorm pairings in the state.

5. Reinhard Villages

 grouse field clarion reinhard Address: 159 University Boulevard The Reinhard Villages are the best remaining option for students who want to live in residences directly connected to the university. The Reinhard Villages are smaller, but because of this, a tight knit community can grow. Students will always cherish the time they spent there.

6. Wilson Apartments

Wilson Apartments Address: 231 Wilson Avenue The Wilson Apartments are easily the best off campus living option for students. This is mainly because the area is still supported soundly by the school. It's definitely on the cheap side, too, at just over seven hundred dollars per month for rent.

7. Eagle Park Apartments

Eagle Park Apartments Address: 301 Grand Avenue College students will fit right in at Eagle Park, thanks to the promise of the landlords to accommodate what a student needs. There are many options for apartments, too, from singles to doubles to studios. The studios will absolutely be the cheapest option on the list.

8. Main Street Apartments

Main Street Apartments Address: 990 E Main Street They're not as desirable as the suites on Main Street, but the apartments still do a great job of supporting students. The yard almost resembles that of a well-kept fraternity house with the students who will be seen on it frequently. And it is located downtown, too, so you're never far away from the action if you live here.

9. 2nd Avenue

465 2nd ave clarion Address: 465 S 2nd Avenue The option at 2nd Avenue is that of a townhouse. You'll still have the space for roommates, but it is a cut above the normal apartment options. Therefore, you can expect the price of the townhouse to be a cut above, as well.

10. Penn Townhouses

Penn Townhouse Address: 610 Penn Street Another townhouse option, Penn is a bit of a lesser option because it is quite a bit smaller. In fact, the surrounding property is actually bigger than the square footage of the townhouse! And surely, you won't mind paying less money, too. If you're going to live and study in Pennsylvania, you could do a lot worse than Clarion. One of the state's top schools has a lot to offer. Chief among these offerings are the outstanding living facilities near the campus!

Here is your Move-In Day Packing List at Clarion University 

1. Room Basics

iPhone charger – Allergy safe pillows – Charges for electronics – Coaxial cable – WiFi services – Closet organizer

2. Food and Snacks

Cheese grater – Coffee mugs – Snack chips – Clothespins – Cheese grater – Ladle

3. Tech and Entertainment

Related image – Printer – Video game consoles – WiFi account established with the school – iPad or Kindle – Cable organizer

4. School Supplies

Google Drive – Laptop – Google Drive – Book light – Dry Erase board – Dry Erase markers

5. Cleaning and Organization

Sponge – Sponge – Dish soap – Glass cleaner – Shower tote – Soap dish

6. Campus Gear

Room key – Walking shoes – Room key – Lanyard – Class textbooks – Class schedule

7. Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing

razors – Microwave – Flammable materials – Curtains – Cooking knives – Razor


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