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Top 10 Library Resources at Clarion University

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Killa Kurls
Colleges and universities offer students the chance to utilize many resources on campus. These include library resources. What are these exactly though you ask? Well below we have listed some of the top ten library resources at Clarion University.

1. Printing and Copying

The button for printing There are various printers and copiers that are located throughout the library. Students will be able to utilize these printers and copiers in both black and white ink or colored ink.

2. Wi-Fi

A Wi-Fi signal symbol graphic The library offers students and staff the chance to connect to a free public or secured connection. The secured connection is for students and staff only so if you are looking to have your own connection, access this one today!

3. Help Desk

The words help desk typed The help desk is available to anyone who has questions about the library. Students will be able to ask a librarian a question they may have about the library or the campus in general.

4. Ask a Librarian

A librarian pushing a cart of books Do you have a question that you can't seem to find the answer to? You can access the Ask a Liberian Feature online. This feature allows people to chat live with a staff member to have their own questions answered.

5. Study Rooms

clarion Study rooms are available to those who would like to study with little to no distractions. These rooms are available on a first come, first serve basis or you can reserve them as well.

6. Computers

A Windows Laptop that is open There are various computers available for students and staff to use throughout the library. These computers allow students and staff to access the internet if they don't have their own laptop or if they don't want to use their own laptop.

7. Electronic Checkout

Two ladies at a checkout desk There are many electronic devices and accessories to checkout from the library. This includes laptops, iPads, chargers, computer accessories, headphones, and more that students will be able to utilize.

8. Course Reserves

A stack of books pictured here Course reserves are available to students in certain classes. Course reserves are simply materials that professors leave at the library for students in their class to use so that they can study beyond the textbook.

9. Interlibrary Loans

The word loan stacked on money Do you need help with finding something? Can you not find it in the library you're in? The library allows students to access various materials from other libraries to borrow for an extended amount of time.

10. Online Databases

An online database pushing out information The library offers the general public a chance to access online databases. Students will be able to access these databases anywhere on campus or near campus. As long as you know how to search, you will be able to access these databases!

Top 5 Libraries at Clarion University

1. Rena M. Carlson Library

A shelf of books in a library Address: 840 Wood St, Clarion, PA 16214 This library is one of the few on campus. Students and staff will be able to utilize many of the features here. Students will be able to use printing services, computer labs, and more!

2. Special Collections 

A shelf of periodicals in a library Address: Clarion, PA 16214 What will you search for next? Special Collections holds many of the books and archives you won't be able to find anywhere else on or even off campus. These archives hold the history of the university and more.

3. Charles L Suhr Library

A picture of a library Address: Oil City, PA 16301-3297 This library is one of the main libraries on campus. Students will be able to utilize the meeting rooms, computer labs, study rooms, printing services, and staff members here.

4. Clarion Free Library

A shelf of books in a library Address: 644 Main St, Clarion, PA 16214 This library is a public library. Here, students can access anything they would on a campus library off campus. Students will also be able to use the databases, computer labs, and more here.;

5. Oil City Library

A cartoon image of a library Address: 2 Central Ave, Oil City, PA 16301 This library is one of the public libraries off campus. Students will be able to use the meeting rooms, study rooms, and more here. Students will also be able to use online databases as well.


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