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10 Hardest Courses at Clarion University

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Prince Alele

Clarion University is a public university in Clarion, Pennsylvania. The school provides instruction for over 4,300 students. This list contains 10 of the hardest courses students offer at Pratt Institute.

1. ATSW 406 - Athletic Injuries: Prevention, Recognition, and Evaluation

Common foot injuries athletes suffer

This is one of four courses designed for students wishing to have athletic coaching as their area of emphasis. The difficulty of this course lies in its coursework as there are a lot to memorize. The class combines theory and practical works to teach students how to recognize, evaluate, and prevent athletic injuries.

2. BIOL 485 - Biotechnology

A biomedical technologist working in the laboratory

In this class, students will be learning advanced topics in biotechnology. The coursework includes current systems, methods, and applications of nucleic acid and protein biotechnology. Along with new, complex studies, students are required to meet four laboratory hours weekly.

3. ECON 222 - Statistics, Data Analytics, and Modeling for Business and Economics II

Market performance displayed over the world map

Many Economics major consider ECON 222 as one of the most complicated courses they offer. In this class, students will learn hypothesis testing, the analysis of variance, regression and correlation analysis, non-parametric statistics, and time series and index numbers analysis. Students will also learn pre-written computer statistical estimation program which only makes this course more difficult.

4. GEOG 481 - Spatial Analysis Mod

Spatial analysis and statistics of an area

This course focuses on the application of quantitative methods to the geographic problem. There's calculation, computation, map reading, simulation, in this course. In this class, students will learn spatial statistics, area sampling, maps of residuals, and regionalization methods.

5. HIST 298 - Historical Methods

An old man carrying out a research

Not all history courses deal withancient civilization. This course introduces students to research methods. Italso teaches students on the utilization of historical sources, documentation.By the end of this course, students are also to master the writing skills necessary to complete asignificant historical research project.

6. MATH 272 - Calculus III

The most advanced Calculus coursestudents take at Clarion University. The course work includes analysis of the geometry of 3-space, vectors, vector functions,basic properties of limits. It also covers continuous and differentiablefunctions of several variables andmultiple integrals

7. MATH 300 - Intro to Adv. Mathematics

Some advanced mathematical formulas

The purpose of this course is to providea smooth transition from more elementary college mathematics courses to moreadvanced areas. MATH 300 takes a rigorous approach to the study of the standardmethods of mathematical proof applied to topics in the theory of numbers, sets,functions, and analysis.

8. PH 371 - Experimental Physics I

Experiment to measure the specific heat capacity of Parafin

Experimental Physics 1 focuses onintermediate and advanced-level laboratory experiments. Students will carry outexperiments in heat, mechanics,electricity and magnetism, optics, and atomic and nuclear physics.

9. PHIL 311 - Logic II - Symbolic Logic

Sentences constructed in symbolic logic

Depending on your mathematicsbackground, this course can be either enjoyable or a nightmare. Logic II is acourse in formal logic. The coursework consists of a detailed examination ofthe logical structure, semantics, and proof methods of both sentential andpredicate logic.

10. PSY 311 - Research Methods Behavioral Sciences

Basic procedures used in research methods

This is one course that keeps psychology majors on their feet. In this class, students will familiarize themselves with methods used by psychologists to systematically collect information about the behavior of people and other animals. Students also learn how experiments are conducted during laboratory meetings, and the appropriate style of writing research reports is emphasized.


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