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10 Easiest Courses at Clarion

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Ari Zaed
When signing up for classes, many students wonder what the easiest classes are. Once everyone knows what the easy classes are, they are in a hurry to take the classes before it fills up. Keep reading to find out what the top ten easiest courses at Clarion University are to ensure that you sign up for those classes early on.

1. Anthropology 217: Introduction to Archaeology

Archaeology is a very interesting subject that provides basic information about culture and material culture, types of archaeology, excavation and the process of archaeology, technique and tools, and looting and destruction. Students say that this class is easy because the midterm and the final consists of analyzing archaeological artifacts and simply memorizing and learning the notes. Therefore, all you need to do is take good notes in this class and you will already be on your way to an A. Participation is recorded in this class, so be sure to attend class every day!Prehistoric Cave Paintings

2. Communications 113: Public Speaking

Public Speaking is a class that introduces students to how to speak professionally about a range of topics. The class has no written midterm or final. Instead, each week students have to present speeches about different topics to their speech groups. A notecard is allowed for the first couple of speeches, but you will need to be able to memorize and recite your speech if you want to get that A grade. Students say because there is no actual exam, it is a very easy class.This image shows typical symbols associated with communication

3. Communications 150: Speech Science

Speech Science delves deeper into speech. Students learn exactly what happens when someone is speaking, listening, or thinking to another person. Students say this class is easy because the exams are open note. Be sure to take good notes if you want to do well, since you are able to use your notes on the exams. Students also say that there are a lot of exercises that are done in class, which help with bumping up their participation grade.This image shows the science of speech between speaker and perceiver

4. Econ 310: Microeconomics

Microeconomics is said to be an easy class because it is easy for students to conceptually understand. The exams are straight from the notes, and students feel comfortable that there is only one midterm exam and one final exam. For these reasons, many students feel that microeconomics is a great, easy class to take if you are interested in economics or if you are looking to take a class to fulfill a general education requirement.This image depicts visual microeconomics

5. Anthropology 250: Prehistoric North America

Prehistoric North America is an interesting class that goes over the history, culture, and characteristics of prehistoric North America. Students feel that this class is easy because it is highly dependent on discussion boards instead of actual exams and homework assignments. Since this class requires a lot of group work and discussion boards, students like to take Anthropology 250 to satisfy their general education requirements.These are cave paintings often found in prehistoric North America

6. Earth Science 111: Basic Earth Science

Earth Science covers the geology of the earth, such as the composition of earth materials, structures, and processes. It also goes over the organisms of the planet and how the planet has changed over time. Students like to take this class because it is extremely interesting! There are a lot of fun activities such as group projects and discussion boards, and not a lot of quizzes and exams. Therefore, it is isn't a very stressful class for students to take. Instead, it is interesting and fun!An image depicting the Earth

7. Geology 310: Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development seems to be an all time favorite class among students. The lectures consist of very interesting, cool ideas and videos that the professor presents. The class requires one discussion board post each week. Besides that, students have a group project to come up with ways on how to make their campus more sustainable. It is a hands on, interesting class that typically meets once a week.An image showing environmental, social, and economic aspects of Sustainability

8. History 372: The American Revolution

The American Revolution came about from growing tensions between residents of Great Britain and the colonial government. In this class, much of the American Revolution is covered in detail. For those who love History, this will be an easy-breezy class to get an A in. The class consists of one midterm and one final, but it really is just all memorization of History and being able to recall dates and events. For this reason, students believe that History 372 is an easy A.An image depicting the American Revolution

9. Earth Science 140: Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters is a popular course among students because it is very cool! This class covers natural disasters and how they occur, where they occur, and what to do in response to one. Students have to present on natural disasters. There is no exam or final exam, but discussion boards are required.An image of a tornado

10. Anthropology 256: Anthropology of Addiction

Anthropology of Addiction covers everything students need to know about how humans came about being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity. The class requires a term paper, a midterm, and a final. However, do not let these scare you because they are very easy. All the information that you need is based on notes, so be sure to take good notes.An image depicting addiction

Clarion University has a lot to offer in terms of the various classes that are available to students on campus. Of course, there are hard and easy classes that students can take. Try taking one or two easy classes in your schedule each semester so that you don't get too overwhelmed with harder classes. Enjoy!


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