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Top 10 Majors of Clark University

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Syeda Maryyam
Clark University was founded in the late 19th century as a private research university in Worchester, Massachusetts. Some very notable names have been a part of this institutions. One of whom is Francis Sumner, the father of Black Psychology.

1. Psychology

Psychology With the university’s history in psychology, Clark University’s topmost major is Psychology itself. Aside from the eclectic education that an undergraduate can hope for in such a grand field, Clark University also excels in the history aspect of psychology.

2. Business Administration and  Management

Business Administration and  Management Over eight percent of the entire population of undergraduates at Clark opt for the major, Business Administration and Management. This major trains its students to not only excel in the corporate world as employees but also trains the minds to be able to run their own businesses

3. Political Science

Political Science The ever-changing field of political science is gaining popularity worldwide. Political scientists are in great demand as the politics grow intense. Clark University caters to this very need and produces and hones the minds of the future political scientists.

4. Economics

Economics The major global issues involve income inequality, economic development, and poverty. It all goes back to money. To understand this flow of money, Clark University trains future economists to understand the economy and money at a more micro level to be able to tackle the global critical issues with a better understanding.

5. Biology

Biology The study of life at all levels, major in biology at Clark’s enables its students to collaborate and research on areas as critical as cancer cells and epigenetics. The graduates could then get into diverse fields as ecologists, botanists, or cancer cell researchers.

6. Marketing

Marketing Branding, Consumer behaviour, product management. A major in marketing provides the students with a detailed training on how to survive and flourish in the corporate sector of the increasingly capitalised world.

7. English Language and Literature

English Not just a budding love for the literature or an acute understanding of English language, the students are equipped with a skill far greater than that. The graduates of this program interact with English on a micro level. They become synchronised with the power of words and their contribution to the lifestyle of people using those words.

8. Environmental Science

Environmental Science The changing climate, the depleting Ozone layer, loss of biodiversity beg more informed individuals to take foot in this field. Clark University trains its undergraduates to understand the environment more closely with the help of theories, practicals, and research projects, all for the betterment of the environment.

9. Geography

Geography In this major, the students are taught to understand the difference between places and space and how the social and physical processes affect the geography around us. How we, and our ancestors, have affected the environment, and in turn how the environment has shaped the Earth’s geography.

10. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Understanding life at the cellular level is not only beautiful but it also puts the student of the track where they set out to discover new information about the building blocks of life.


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