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10 Coolest Courses at Clark University

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Destiny Summers

In college, many students are always fascinated with the idea of being on their own. However, once school is in session, the real work begins. College students are more than aware of the workload that college brings on. This is why they tend to want to balance their coursework with funner classes rather than them being all hard. If you are one of those students, take a look at the list we have compiled below of the 10 coolest courses at Clark University!

1. CJ 2250 - The Criminal Mind

The components of the criminal justice system

In this course, students will learn more about the behind the scenes of criminal minds. This includes learning more about charismatic killers versus those who kill for emotional reasons. Students will also learn more about the scenes of investigating a murderer, robber, and more.

2. CHEM 007 - Science of Weapons of Mass Destruction

A look at nuclear weapons

In this course, students will learn about the science behind weapons in mass destruction. Weapons are notorious for depleting a whole country. This course will focus on topics that relate to explosives, nerve agents, biological agents, and nuclear devices. Watch as this class blows your mind!

3. ASTR 001 - Exploring the Universe

The exploration of the universe and galaxy

What exactly is out in the stars? This class will discuss the various methods, concepts, and the different observations that surround astronomy. Students will learn more about the planets and the solar system. Students will also learn more about the structure of planets, stars, and space itself.

4. ARTH 109 - Greek Myth and the Classical Ideal in Art

A Greek Mythology painting

This class will discuss the myths behind Greek Mythology. Students will be able to obtain knowledge that relates to the "Classical Idea" that was established in the earlier periods of time. This idea roams around and has affected the generations that have come after it.

5. ART 1140 - Clay and Fiber

A look at clay structures

Students in this class will learn more about the ceramic and fiber of clay making. Students will also learn more about the techniques that relate the design and quality of design. This class will help students develop a better understanding of their own craftsmanship.

6. ART 1010 - Basic Drawing

A person drawing a leg

Have you always wanted to learn to draw? This class will allow students to learn more about the basic concepts of line drawing, volume, shape drawing, and perspectives of drawing. Students will also learn more about the drawing as well.

7. COMM 1230 - Motion Graphics

Motion graphics as it relates to the Adobe software

What is your favorite motion picture? This class will teach students about the purpose of a visual narrative, the technical implements for productions, as well as the visual concepts that go behind making a movie. Students will also work on their own projects as well.

8. PHIL 222 - Political Philosophy

The definition of political philosophy

Are you registered to vote? This class will take students through the legitimacy, political agency, and philosophy behind the purpose of politics. Students will learn the nature of the limits of a democracy, the challenges of militarism, and the domination of oppression, among other topics.

9. PSYC 156 - Cultural Psychology

The various components of the brain

Are you interested in learning to read the minds of others? This class will take students through the depths of cultural psychology. Students will learn more about different cultures around the world, how psychology plays a role in their daily lives, and the theoretical methods used to study cultures across the globe.

10. GERM 101 - Introductory German I

picture of a german flag

Are you interested in learning a new language? This class will establish students within the basics of the German language. This class will discuss the grammar, oral, and reading practices of German. Students will also have tests about the history and culture of the German people.


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