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10 of the Easiest Classes at CU

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Kelly Solak
Are you looking for courses at Clark University that will help boost your GPA? Look no further! Here is a list of 10 easy  classes suggested by other students that are helpful for raising one’s GPA with minimal effort at CU.

Clark University Campus during the fall semester. 

1. MSIT 3840- Project Management

This course gives students an overview of a career in the field of project management. The average professor ranking for this class is 5 stars, and this is a great step for deciding on a career if a student enjoys this class!

2. MSIT 3110- Data Security and Privacy

MSIT 3110 helps students enhance their knowledge on the world of cyber security and ways to keep confidential technology secure. This course has three professors who teach it, and each of them is ranked on average 5 out of 5 stars.Small class of students being taught by a professor. 

3. EPP 255- United States Congress

If you are a student at CU who enjoys politics and current events, this is the course for you! It covers everything from presidential cabinetry to issues we face today in government. The average class rating is 5 stars, and there is only 1 professor who teaches this course.Many courses help build to the knowledge of information learned in this class. 

4. TA 112-Creative Actor

This course is offered for students interested in theatre arts and drama. It covers everything from improv acting to vocal skills. Students who are interested in these areas of study will greatly benefit from this day, unique course!Two students practicing improv during the class period.

5. ENG 133- Women Writers I

In this class, students will look at the many written works of famous female authors and poets. After reading the text, the class gives an opportunity to give your own analysis of the written works. This class is ranked five stars and is recommended for students who do not mind reading and writing!Many books and analyses will be read and written during this class. 

6. HEBR 101- Elementary Hebrew I

This course is an introduction to the language of Hebrew. It also opens students up to the Hebrew culture and people through ancient traditions as well as current events in the culture. This class is ranked 5 stars and only has 1 professor who teaches it.Professor teaching students the new language. 

7. GOVT 050- Intro to American Government

In this class students will be taught the history of our country's government  and how it is run today. Also, students will be given the chance to debate and express their own political views on the stand amongst and along with their peers.You will fail some tests that  you thought you did well on, it happens, and you will be ok!

8. MATH 1300- Linear Algebra

MATH 1300 is also about linear algebra and applied algebra to story problems. This course is a great base for many other required math classes for majors at CU. It is ranked 5 stars and has only 1 professor who teaches it.But when you study and get a good grade, nothing beats that feeling!

9. PHYS 130- Waves and Optics

This is an introductory physics course and will gives students a chance to understand light ways and the spectrum as well as the processes of visual optics. This course is ranked 5 stars and is a wonderful basis to any physics courses a student plans on taking in the future. Professor teaching students the dynamics of physics. 

10. ECON 011- Principles of Economics

In this course, students will be given the chance to learn more about the economy and market of today's society through real life examples and current events. Supply, demand, and stocks are also covered during this semester long class.When finals are done, you will feel so good about yourself!Overall, these are few of the courses offered at CU that students recommend their peers to take for GPA increasing credit. Working hard in these classes will still be necessary but not nearly as demanding as other courses offered at the university.Clark University in the evening, how beautiful!


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