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Restaurants and Cafes at Clemson University

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Alexis Kass

While college can be a tough time for students, they also need time to relax and have fun. A great way to relax is to go to the local restaurants and cafes near the university. While the food may not always be great, it is perfect for hungry, broke college students. Here are the 7 restaurants and cafes at Clemson University

1. Brioso Fresh Pasta 

Inside of the restaurant

The first restaurant on this list is Brioso Fresh Pasta. This is the perfect spot for anyone looking for some great Italian food, and a wonderful hangout area. It can be pretty expensive for college students, however it is not that expensive. There is also a bar for students that are of age which is great for a chill night at the bar. The staff is also really sweet which makes for a great atmosphere.

2. TD's of Clemson

Outside of the restaurant

The second restaurant on this list is TD's of Clemson. This is the perfect spot for any pizza loving, Clemson student. The pizza is really good, and there are actually even more food than just pizza. There are wings, calzones, and even fries. It is a smaller space, so students usually order for pick up or for delivery. The price is pretty good too which is perfect for a nice hangover meal.

3. Your Pie

The third location on this list is Your Pie. This is another spot, however this is just for pizza. It is really tasty, and students can actually build their own pizza. They have signature pizzas, however some students just like to make their own. They can pick their own toppings and sauces which can be really awesome.

4. Sole on the Green

The outside patio of the restaurant

The fourth restaurant on this list is the Sole on the Green. This is a very fancy restaurant near the campus. It is the perfect spot for students who are with their parents, or are just looking for a nice place to celebrate. It is a gorgeous location so students can get great pictures for their instagram. The staff is also so sweet which makes the atmosphere even better.

5. Todaro Pizza

The fifth restaurant on this list is Todaro Pizza. One thing that Clemson students really love is pizza. This is another amazing pizza place that students really love. It can be a little far from campus which is the downfall on this restaurant. However, the pizza is really great and the staff is very nice.

6. Blue Heron Restaurant and Sushi Bowl

Some sushi from the restaurant

The sixth place on this list is Blue Heron Restaurant & Sushi Bowl. This is the local asian cuisine restaurant, and they serve all kind of asian food. One of the most popular foods students like to get is sushi. The sushi is really tasty, and is not that expensive.

7. Pixie & Bill's

The bar at the restaurant

The seventh spot on this list is Pixie & Bill's. This is the local bar near campus. It has a great atmosphere that students really seem to enjoy. The food is also pretty good as well. The staff is also very understanding, especially around drunk college students.


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