Donald Trump has proven himself to be quite the character. At this point, nothing he could do would surprise me, except maybe if he showed up on my college’s campus. In any case, here are 5 reasons he should do just that.

1. We have Chinese people.

We all know how much Donald Trump likes to talk about China. If you don’t know how much he likes to talk about China, watch this YouTube video:

2. We have lots of fences and walls.

Clemson is constantly under construction. Who knows, maybe Trump can get some inspo for his future plans to close in America like a Ziploc bag. Maybe the reason he loves China so much is the Great Wall.

3. We are all poor college kids.

Hey, maybe Trump will visit, have pity us, and lavish his excessive mounds of money upon our school in the form of scholarships. (We can at least dream.) Stacks on stacks on stacks

4. It’s really freaking hot here.

If anyone’s hair is going to maximize surface area and wind velocity, it’s Trump’s. Look. At. His. Hair. 

5. We have cornfields here.

Clemson is a small and southern. If you travel five minutes in any direction- boom, expanses of land. This is perfect for Trump. He could just hang out in the cornfields, blend in, and avoid paparazzi. 


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