Clemson University offers many exciting and fun classes during the year. If you are looking for some cool courses, make sure you continue on reading! Here are 15 of the Coolest Classes at Clemson University!

1. ANTH (BIOL) 3530: Forensic Anthropology

This course focuses on introducing students to using anthropology  in a more medico-legal context. It puts a more interesting spin on anthropology by using the skeletons and archaeology to discover details about human identification. This class can be taken as an anthropology or biology course.

2. ART 2230 Woodworking Studio

For a little more hands-on creativity, I would suggest taking woodworking studio. It introduces techniques for using wood for sculpture and furniture design, letting you do almost everything yourself. And if you still want a little bit of the classic learning, this class also has students do some research on the historical impact of woodworking.

3. BIOL 2030 Human Disease and Society

This class is a bit different than the other biology classes you might hear about. Not only does it explain the biological processes that go on when a person is sick, the instructor also tells how the disease is understood and current methods of prevention and treatment. And science is all you’ll find in this course. Economics, social, and ethical issues are constantly being discussed.

4. ECON 3030 Economics and Sports

Everyone loves a good football game, or maybe baseball, but do you know the economics that are working in the background? This class makes sure that you do. It focuses on teaching you basic economic issues through sports data and how to analyze teams, leagues, and institutions.

5. ENGL 3500 Mythology

Almost everyone has heard a little something about the Greek gods like Zeus, Apollo and Aphrodite. But there are so many other myths that are just as interesting. This class focuses on teaching a wide span of these myths, especially focusing on literature.

6. ENGL 4550 American Humor

This course focuses on Native American humor in the 19th and 20th centuries. If you have some trouble getting through an English class, this might be the one for you.

7. HIST 3520 Egypt in the Days of the Pharaohs

This class focuses on one of the most interesting ancient civilizations, the time of the pharaohs. Not only does it explore the political history of the time period, but it also explains daily life with many details being explained through archaeological finds.

8. L S 1110 Lapidary Arts

Another hands-on class like woodworking, this class lets you make your very own jewelry. In this course you learn how to turn gemstones, minerals, gold, and silver into works of art.

9. LS 1580 Archery

A little bored with your routine lecture classes? This course is taught outside (unless weather doesn’t permit it), is fun and easy, and teaches the basic principles and forms of archery. Even if you’ll never need to use this in real life, it’s a great skill to tell people about!

10. MKT 3020 Consumer Behavior

For all those marketing majors out there (or even if you’re not), I would absolutely recommend this class. It’s a little different from other business-oriented classes and delves a bit into psychology. This course teaches how to analyze individuals and groups to understand consumer decision-making.

11. MUSC 3130 History of Rock and Roll

The lure of rock and roll should be just about enough to interest you for this class. Teaching about all the classic rock icons, this course will teach all about rock elements, styles, and artists. It also follows the evolution of rock and roll be examining musical influences. Definitely a fun and interesting course!

12. PHIL 3700 Philosophy of War

Many people know what war is, but not quite as many know why. This course will examine war from both ethical and strategic perspectives. This includes the aims of war, general strategies used, and what the nature of a just war is.

13. PSYC 3060 Human Sexual Behavior

The conversation of sex is unavoidable in our current culture. This class dives right in, teaching the anatomical, cultural, and psychological aspects of human sex and how we perceive it.

14. PSYC 3830 Abnormal Psychology

While everyday psychology may or may not be interesting to some, the complexities of mental illnesses are infinitely more interesting. This course teaches the diagnosis and treatment of mental illnesses. It especially focuses on the symptoms and causes of maladaptive behaviors.

15. SOC 3890 Criminology

Anyone who likes CSI or Law & Order would enjoy this criminology class. It teaches the study of the nature and causes of criminal behavior. It includes the social attempts to control crime, social responses, and the criminal justice system.


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