As a sophomore, I haven’t taken quite as many classes as I would as a senior. However, I still have taken a lot of credit hours and have friends in various majors. Here are 1- of the hardest classes at Clemson University that I’ve heard about.

1. Financial Accounting Concepts (ACCT 2010)

The description for this class says that it’s simply an introduction for basic accounting principles with an emphasis on the use of financial data and analysis of financial statements. This is the very first accounting course you’re able to take, which makes the main problem the language used. If you don’t understand accounting jargon yet, this class will be a bit of a struggle until you do.

2. Principles of Macroeconomics (ECON 2120)

I have heard that both micro and macroeconomics are difficult, but macro has this reputation for a reason other than just the material. While it is difficult to learn the application of economic principles to the whole of economic performance, what you really want to focus on is getting the right teacher. The material is hard enough as is, and there are a couple professors that seem to have the goal of making you crack under pressure.

3. Human Anatomy and Physiology I & II (BIOL 2220-2230)

This course is a year-long class, which is absolutely necessary considering the amount of information it has.  Just the textbook chapters can be overwhelming considering they are regularly almost 50 pages long each. It takes up a lot of time in your schedule, so I would suggest taking this course when all of your other classes are a little easier.

4. Introduction to Anthropology (ANTH 2010)

I took this to complete a general education requirement, which was also what the rest of my class was doing. This is another class where it is important to pay attention to which professor you get. The material you have to learn is doable and even interesting sometimes, but be prepared for extremely detailed, tough essay questions.

5. Physical Geology (GEOL 1010)

Don’t take this introductory geology class hoping that it’s just “rocks for jocks”. Too many of my friends made that mistake. Be prepared to put a lot of work into this class, so try not to take it if you don’t need to. Not only do you have the class itself to deal with, but also the laboratory section (which can be even tougher than the class).

6. Organic Chemistry (CH 2230)

For some of you, this class will be unavoidable and painful. This lab is easier than introductory chemistry lab, but the class material is no less challenging and is more complicated. Get a professor you don’t mind listening to for an hour and that genuinely wants to connect with their students. Otherwise, you’re going to want to drop it in the first two weeks of class.

7. Cognitive Psychology (PSYC 3330)

This is a requirement for psychology majors, so again, it’s unavoidable for some of you. While the description says that it’s a class about mental processing and higher-level thinking, don’t be fooled. There is some talk about this, but there is also talk about computers, neuroscience, and statistics in the real world. If you’re not prepared for alternative topics, you may get left behind. 

8. General Biology I&II (BIOL 1030-1040)

This is the introductory course necessary for biology majors that most people take their freshman year. The problem is that as freshmen, you might not be entirely prepared for the amount of work this class gives you. Watch out for a lot of memorization and be sure to understand the processes that are explained in class. The material builds off of itself as the year goes on, so not understanding something early will tank your grade.

9. Calculus of One Variable I (MATH 1060)

Most students don’t really have to take an advanced math course, and passing a pre-test before even coming to college can get you out of math all together. But, on the off chance that you have to take one of the math classes, don’t take this one! Most students have more important classes, so this one isn’t focused on much. Unfortunately, this class is just difficult enough that it will bring your GPA down unless you spend just as much time on it as your other classes.

10. Intermediate Spanish I (SPAN 2010)

Take a second to pause and think about whether you want to take this class, even if you took Spanish in high school. The class moves along incredibly fast and it is entirely necessary to study every day. If you don’t, you are in serious danger of failing.


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