Bowman field

1. ASL 1010 – American Sign Language I

Lots of people want to be able to speak more than one language, and this is an option that not everyone thinks of. This first class is just a simple introduction that is more focused on learning the alphabet and history of sign language.

2. CU 1000 – Clemson Connect 

This is a mandatory course for every Clemson student their freshman year. A lot of emphasis is put on the assignments to make you do them, which translates into a lot of stress for new freshman. I added this class to the list to explain that this class is important, but it’s not difficult and there’s no need to stress out!

3. DANC 1400 – Jazz Dance I

Who doesn’t love to dance? This class is all about the fundamentals and just building up the muscles you need for dancing. Easy-peasy! 

4. ENGL 1030 – Accelerated Composition 

English is a mandatory requirement for general education classes. This class does have the essay writing that people dread, but the grades aren’t tough, especially if you get an easy-going teacher.

5. LS 1670 – Canoeing I

For this class, basically all you have to do is know how to swim and not flip the boat over every time you climb in.  And even then, the instructors are pretty nice about it. 

6. LS 2350 – Basic Yoga 1 

Most of us wish that we were as flexible as a yoga instructor. This class gives you the chance to get there while easing you in to yoga postures without making you feel like you’re completely uncoordinated. 

7. MUSC 3710/3720 – Women’s Chorus 1/Men’s Chorus 1 

This class basically isn’t ever graded, just show up and sing what you’re supposed to sing! It’s really fun if you’re into singing and there are no grades except your attendance. 

8. PSYC 3830 – Abnormal Psychology 

While this class is a bit more academically challenging than the others on this list, the course material is almost endlessly interesting. And if you hate textbook reading, this class hardly ever uses it except for 1-2 page reading assignments that you aren’t quizzed on. 

9. STAT 2220 – Statistics in Everyday Life 3 

If you have to take a math or statistics course, this is the one I would recommend. The material is incredibly easy, especially if you already took statistics in high school. 

10. LS 1580 – Archery 1

If you’ve seen any of the movies I have (Princess Diaries 2, Robin Hood), you want to learn how to shoot a bow as much as me. This class makes it easy, safe, and stress-free. It’s a nice break from your other classes. 


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