The main building at Cleveland State University

CSU is an urban-based institution sited in the city center of Cleveland, Ohio. This school was founded in 1964 as a state-sponsored campus to offer higher education in Cleveland. When it was first formed, this campus acquired the buildings, staff, faculty, and programs of Fenn College. A quick rundown of the most popular 10 buildings at Cleveland State University is as follows:

  1. Art Gallery

Art Gallery - Cleveland State University

The CSU galleries are situated at 1307 Euclid Avenue. The place is right in Cowell & Hubbard Hall. This historic house is sited at the corner of the East 13th Street at the center of the new Arts Campus. The stylish recently renovated gallery place has three different exhibition areas. The three spaces include a study area, classroom, meeting space, as well as a media room.

2. Center for Innovation in Medical Professions

Students relaxing at the front of the center for innovation in medical professions This building is about

This building is about 100,000 GSF. It houses the Speech and hearing clinic, Health and Wellness clinic, Nursing labs, Audiology labs, and the OT/PT training area. Other spaces provided under this roof include meeting rooms, distant learning rooms, quiet study and lounge areas, as well as faculty offices. During the 2015 summer, the Northeast Ohio Medical University relocated from the Union Building to this hall.

3. Euclid Commons


Students walking in front of the Euclid commons

Euclid Commons is a significant state-of-the-art community at CSU. The building was specially built to accommodate current students and tomorrow’s generation. The community holds more than 600 learners. Euclid Commons offers utmost student’s privacy needed for academic achievement.

4. Julka Hall

Cleveland State University, Julka Hall

Julka hall was established in 2010 on the CSU University in downtown Cleveland. The building houses the School of Nursing as well as the College of Education & Human Services. The Ohio, Columbus, office of international design and architecture firm NBBJ designed Julka hall. The construction was named after CSU alumnus Anand Julka. Bill Julka was the pioneer of the information and technology smart solutions company at Cleveland.

5. Marshall College of Law

Marshall College of law – Cleveland State University

Marshall College of law is housed in an open modern facility at CSU. The facility stands right on the edge of the campus and gives the students quick access to the Cleveland legal community. A large atrium is designed at the heart of this building to provide lounge and study spaces for the students. The surrounding of the atrium comprises of classrooms that are fixed with technological equipment to enhance multimedia learning.

6. Music Department

Open space in front of the music department

The Department of Music at CSU is sited at the heart of a vibrant American cultural center. This facility exploits the rich musical resources in the city to offer comprehensive educational opportunities to the scholars. CSU draws from well-known worldwide Cleveland Orchestra as well as other renowned professional organizations. Thus, the students learn with a wide range of great musicians across the world.

7. College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

CSU wins Addy award for the design of class edge lounge – Cleveland

CSU’S college of arts is situated at the core of the Playhouse Square. This is the second-largest arts district in America. Through this facility, students acquire unique opportunities for practical learning experiences with working professionals. The school of Film and Media arts cover 36,000 square feet on the top level of the Idea Center.

8. Ronald Berkman Hall

The main entrance to the Berkman Hall

CSU’s Main Classroom Building was renamed after the university’s president Ronald Berkman during a farewell tribute. Berkman spent nine years in the leadership of the university. This hall offers modernized services to both the faculty and students. The north end of the building has an elevator tower and stairs. Berkman hall has a student’s services department, 4-story atrium, conference facility, pedestrian bridge and an auditorium for 800 visitors.

9. Student Center

Students walking outside the CSU students’ center

Holding over 200 student activities and organizations, the CSU student center is positioned right on Euclid Avenue. The building is in the midst of both the 21st and 22nd streets. Recent renovations done to this construction cost $500. The student center has three levels with a core public forum, multi-level atrium, and glass exterior. The hall is fixed with flat screen TVs, digital cables and displays, internet access, wireless inter-connectivity and LED message boards.

10. Levin College of Urban Affairs

Levin College of urban affairs

This college is sited on the historic Euclid Avenue right in the Playhouse Square district. The college provides high-class courses in areas that advance communities. From the report filed by the U.S World Report, Lavin College focuses on both urban policy alongside with local government management position in the midst of best national programs. Students in this college learn by studying, doing research, and taking part in community projects.

Interesting Facts about Cleveland State University

  1. Ranking

Top Online MBA Programs Logo – CSU Ohio

CSU’s MBA program emerged the first among other programs in Ohio State ranking #44 in the entire US. This is a report filed by the US World Report. Besides, the program was graded #38 for veterans national-wide. CSU is joined with George Washington University regarding national rankings.

2. AACSB Accreditation

AACSB Accreditation Logo- Cleveland State University

Cleveland State University holds AACSB in both accounting and business management. A lesser percentage of business schools worldwide have this accreditation. Universities and colleges may own accreditation through a regional accrediting agency such as the NCA. Main aspects of the entire institution including services, and facilities determine regional accreditation. Alternatively, a university may hold professional certification through a different accrediting agency based on the particular discipline.

3. Clubs and Organizations


CSU’s student organization (SHRM) was awarded an honor for offering personal growth and development opportunities from the overall SHRM organization. The school’s SHRM student chapter was crowned regarding the total number of activities completed in the merit award cycle. The cycle was operational between April 1, 2014, and March 21, 2015. Operations comprised of resumes workshops, outreach programs and more.

4. Graduate Career Earnings

Mid-Career Salaries Graph - Cleveland State University


The Brookings Institute recognized CSU for the provision of the largest income boost to its graduates. Cleveland University was ranked among the top three public universities in Ohio. This category of institutions were said to offer the highest increase of career earnings to their graduates. A per the report filed, CSU’s graduates own average career salaries exceeding $10,000 as compared to those of similar graduates in other universities and colleges.

5. Small Business Awards

CSU’s Award from Small business Administration - Cleveland State University

The US Small Business Administration has acknowledged Cleveland University as a great performer in the Export Assistance Network within Ohio State. The organization is part of the SBA’s small business development facility stationed at Cleveland state university. The recognition was based on the higher production level of client involvement in export programs for the academic period ranging from 2015 to 2016. CSU EAN participates in small and medium businesses that are venturing or already in the export of services and products across the world.



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