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Jobs and Opportunities for Students at Coastal Carolina University

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Hassan Maishera

Coastal Carolina University has numerous on-campus jobs that will provide students with the opportunity to earn extra money, develop transferable job skills, learn time-management skills, gain experience, meet people and get more involved with campus activities. The student jobs available are spread amongst the several departments. Students must meet the requirements for work-study set by the institution before they are eligible for the jobs. Here are some of the student jobs available here.

1. IT Assistant - Level I

An IT guy working on his laptop

This position also known as Lab/Help Desk Assistant is assigned to the ITS-Student Computing Services department. Students are hired by this department to work in different units such as Kearns Hall, Bryan Information Commons, Edwards, Wall, and/or other labs. The hired candidates will be tasked with helping students utilize the technology in the various general access computer labs on-campus. They will also provide assistance in other areas such as Microsoft word and excel, using windows or Mac computers, and more.

2. IT Assistant - Level II

A man working on his computer

Students occupying this position is regarded as Student Technical Assistant and is assigned to the ITS-Student Computing Services Tech Support Center in Kearns Hall. The IT student will be tasked with helping students with problems such as connecting to the university network, issues related to viruses, spyware and malware, general computer problems, resolution of problems caused by errors in operating systems or application software, and more. The hours here are flexible and students with technical knowledge are preferred.

3. Resident Computing Consultants (RCC)

A computer consultant repairing a computer

These are student workers that are tasked with providing after-hours technical support in University residence halls. The RCCs are usually available three hours a day, between 6 and 9 p.m. and they offer numerous service to students such as removal of virus,installation of virus software, help students connect to the university network, and maintenance of the computer labs. The students that can apply for this job must be those that have in-depth knowledge of computers.

4. Group Fitness Instructor

Students in a group fitness exercise

The group fitness instructor is responsible for leading, instructing, and motivating individuals or groups in exercise activities. The exercise activities to be undertaken by such a student instructor will be aimed at keeping other students and staff fit and healthy. They will work with people of all ages and skill levels and must have excellent communication skills to help get their method across. They must also be very active as the job requires a lot of physical movement. The job is flexible and they can be assigned to any of the recreation and fitness centers in the school.

5. Outdoor Recreation Attendant

A student on a boat trip

This is one of the most open jobs here as the school requires numerous students to handle this responsibility.The students will be asked to perform a variety of attending duties at amusement or recreation facility. May schedule use of recreation facilities, maintain and provide equipment to participants of sporting events or recreational pursuits, or operate amusement concessions and rides. This job is available to students all year long and the hours put into them are flexible. Students interested can submit their proposal to the university recreation office.


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