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There are many college students that have struggled through, and in some cases dropped, their math classes.  There are many ways to keep your grades up and make it through your math class.  Business calculus is a bit different than the other math classes, making it easier in many ways.

1. Take lots of notes

There are a lot of pieces of the curriculum to cover in a short amount of time during the semester.  Often, teachers will try to cover as much of a lesson, or several lessons as possible.  This can sometimes make it hard to stay organized and make you feel like you are missing some crucial information.  By taking a lot of notes, you can easily review anything you don’t quite understand in class.

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2. Use Practice Tests

Before each major test, professors often offer supplemental tests and review guides to help you to prepare for each exam.  They provide these for a reason! By using these tools, you are able to see every time of problem that could be thrown at you on a test, including some that may not have been well-covered in class.  You can complete these on your own and many times, an answer sheet with solutions is provided with the guides, so that you can check your answers.

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3. Attend Math Outreach

Math Outreach is a learning center provided by Coastal which takes place in the library.  Math Outreach connects math teachers who are all knowledgeable about each math class and their topics.  Although it takes place during very specific hours each weekday, it is worth attending because many teachers provide extra credit for going.

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4. Visit Math Learning Center (MLC)

The Math Learning Center is also a help service organized by Coastal, located in the Kearns building.  Instead of connecting students with teachers, this connects higher-level math students, all of whom are tested and prepared to help with math questions of all sorts, whether you need to review a quiz or need help on homework.

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5. Make friends in class

This tip is important for people who tend to sleep through their classes or just skip them.  Many times, if a teacher has limited office hours, it can be difficult to catch-up on missed work and techniques.  By making friends in class, you have an instant wealth of knowledge, and a study buddy for tests and quizzes.

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6. Work with Professor

While this is true for many classes, math is especially difficult for many people and the professors understand this.  For each class, the professors offer open hours to come in to get help on homework assignments, make-up missed tests, and work with their students to get the most out of the class.

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Calculus is difficult for many people, but there are ways to get through it, as long as you follow the guidelines that the school has laid out to help the students.


Riley Hobbs

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