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All hospitality majors, and some business majors, end up taking Intro to Tourism (HRTM 101) at Coastal Carolina.  While it is an easy class, there are a few things to keep in mind to do as well as you can in the class.

1. Do all assignments

Realistically, not every assignment for every class is going to get completed, whether it is because of a time constraint, or just lack of motivation.  For this class, there are not many assignments, so each one that you get is worth a lot of points, and should be completed to get a good grade in the class.

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2. Complete quizzes on time

Each quiz is worth 20 points, so completing them on-time is essential.  There are 15 minutes with 15 minutes to complete each quiz, and if you have paid attention in class, they are quick and easy to complete.  If you need it, you are offered two tries for each quiz, making it easy to earn full credit for each one.

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3. Participate

The teacher for this class often asks easy questions to try to help the class move along.  They are often opinion or experienced-based, which makes getting full points for participation very easy.  Even if you don’t want to answer a direct question, input on class topics is always encouraged.

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4. You don’t need the textbook

This is very surprising to many people, but for this class, the textbook is not necessary.  Mostly, it is used for the online quizzes based on each chapter of the book, but the professor provides notes and outlines for each chapter, making the book obsolete.

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5. Attend field trips

This class offers 2-3 field trips every semester.  Each of them helps the students become involved in local businesses in the hospitality industry.  Even if you don’t want to go on the field trips, many professors offer extra-credit for attending, or use them in place of written assignments.

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HRTM 101 is a relatively easy course, and there are even better ways to keep your grade up and do well in the class.  By following these tips and following along with the course syllabus, you’ll do great.  Since the course is available to HRTM and Business majors, it is available to many people who want to test their interest in the hospitality area.


Riley Hobbs

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