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As a business major, there are many basic classes that you need to take. For an easy three credits, Business Applications is straightforward and offers a lot of very useful skills for the business world.

1. Finish assignments ahead of time

The professor lists out every assignment and their respective due dates at the beginning of the semester.  This makes the class very easy to work ahead in, or at least to make sure assignments are in on time.  By working ahead, you can make the necessary corrections, and even make sure that you have free-time later in the week.

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2. You don’t need the physical textbook

For this class, you use an online service with applications, which comes at a high cost alone.  The application also comes with an online version of the textbook to use for the directions to complete each assignment.  Since you have already paid once for the online version of the textbook, a physical copy is not at all necessary.

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3. Use every attempt

For each assignment (except for chapter tests), you are allowed 3 or more attempts for a single assignment’s submission.  Once the assignment is submitted, it is graded and available to review in seconds, often with directions on how to correct errors.  By using the numerous attempts they give you, getting full credit for every assignment is very easy.

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4. Ask Questions

Since the class takes place entirely over a computer program, the professor is always available to take and help with questions during class time.  The professors for this class have to know the entire program and how to make the necessary corrections, so if you run into any problems, asking a question is the fastest and easiest way to solve it.

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5. Use prior knowledge

The class is entirely based on Microsoft Excel, a program that any college age student has had to use before. Excel pulls many of its basic functions straight from its fellow programs, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word, meaning that if there is a function you are capable of on those applications, it will directly translate to the same function on Excel.

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This is a very easy, basic class for business students to take to get some credits out of the way.  While there are many assignments that need completing, they can be easily well done, and you’ll have a whole new set of knowledge on another Microsoft application.


Riley Hobbs

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