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10 of the Easiest Classes at Coastal Carolina University

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DJ Fuller
The easiest classes at CCU are the classes you don't have to show up to. By that I mean, online classes. Online classes are really easy because they don't require attendance, finding parking, or even putting on pants. Most of the courses just need submissions and don't grade strictly at all. Here are 10 of the easiest classes at Coastal Carolina University.

1.)  ARTS 102 - Arts and Visual Culture

This is actually an enjoyable art class. It is basically art appreciation.  70% of your grade is reflection papers about how you relate to certain art work/ how it made you feel. The teacher wants to see if you can find messages in the artwork. You actually get a test grade for viewing the art gallery at school.

2.) BIO 101 - The Science of Life

The lecture and lab are very easy A's. The course material is very minimal and easy to understand. You learn about basic science stuff that you already went over in either to 9th or 10th grade. If you like animals this is a great class for you also.

3.) COMM 311 - Health Communication

Your entire grade in this class is based on a blog you create. You make a weekly blog posts based on the topic cover that week. The blog only has to be 250 words or more. Most of the topics are opinionated so there is no way to get anything wrong. Everyone in my class got an A.

4.) PUBH 101 - Introduction to Public Health

This class is basically a repeat of health class in the 8th grade. The course covers the most basic health topics, as well as reproductive health. The teacher reviews before every exam so getting an A couldn't be any easier.

5.) JOUR 201 - Foundations of Journalism

This is an online class that only requires you to write weekly forum posts based on readings. Each reading is only 2-3 pages and the forum post needs to be 250 words or more. I've written very bad forum posts and still got an A. I think the teacher just checks for completion.

6.) PALS 137 - Yoga 

The instructor for this class is really laid back and chill. She plays reggae music all class and doesn't seem to care how engaged you are, as long as you are moving. She only introduces the easiest series of poses. If you need an easy A and some stress relief, sign up for this class.

7.) MUS 110 - Intro to Music 

This class is offered online and in person. All you do is watch videos, listen to music, and write response papers about the material you watched. This class will expose you to the classic side to music that most people ignore, but it is also very interesting. Easy A for sure.

8.) ECON 101 - Survey of Economics 

If you have a basic understanding of how the economy works, you'll breeze through this class. Even if you don't, they offer this class online and the answers are really easy to look up for quizzes and tests.

9.) ECON 102 - Personal Finance 

Basic addition and subtraction skills are all you need to get an A in this course. The class is focused on helping students learn how to save and budget money. Very helpful for students who are ballin' on a very tight budget. The tests are all online as well.

10.) PALS 178 - Walking

Walking around campus is all you do for this class. You write reflections on the health benefits of walking and track your steps throughout the year. All you need are two fully functional legs to get an A in this class.


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